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  1. Happy birthday!!!! :wub2::wub2:

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :yay:

  3. Hey!! i added you on facebook!! xx

  4. Helloo :thumb_yello:


    Thank you so much for the friend request!!!


    HAppy valentines day! (even though it was 2 days ago :naughty:)




  5. more than this,whatever it is,baby i love smiles like this:bow:
  6. thank you so much chantelle:thumb_yello: please check your mails on facebook:)
  7. may i ask isabella are you the same isabella who pmed me on facebook about the bracelet or another one? as someone sent me a message asking for one who is also called isabella! yes I´m the same isabella:naughty:
  8. ok I´ll look for some hello kitty stuff:thumb_yello:
  9. nee,leider noch nich.. ich bin jetz schon so aufgeregt wegen düsseldorf..oh my god:teehee:
  10. Hi, thanks for the friend invite. :)

  11. ok dankee das wird soo geil:thumb_yello: warst du schonmal auf nem mika-konzert?
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