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  1. I felt the same way about UW too, but to me it seems that he changed the last minute of the song? Now it's much more enjoyable. I recommend you listen to it at Deferiantes or Tallin.
  2. So I see Blame it on the Weather didn't make the cut.
  3. can somebody please fill me in? what does ET mean? edit: never mind, turns out google translate automatically turned on and turned 'he' into ET. so much confusion.
  4. I really really hope there are some nice tracks with real instruments.
  5. The first time I heard EMD and MYH, I honestly did not like them. However, upon further listening they did grow on me. I was starting to get worried that I'd never like another Mika song upon first listen again (because I'm paranoid like that), but we've only been given a 30 second preview of Celebrate and it's already stuck into my head! So happy!
  6. it is a legitimate site. i've listened 3 times and have yet to receive a virus
  7. i don't know how to feel. i think i feel violated. edit: never mind, it has grown on me.
  8. What ever happened to: ? I take it no body trusts that promise? hahahahahah, considering i thought it was originally supposed to be out before last christmas, that doesn't come as a surprise to me.
  9. i'm sorry to ask, but is there a translation anywhere? if someone has already translated it, can you please link me to their post? thank you
  10. [YOUTUBE]Dz_6Y0-Pv38[/YOUTUBE] 'Don't Worry Be Happy' by Australian singer, Guy Sebastian It's such a nice, positive and happy song and the video has great meaning! (and no, it is not a rip off of the original, it's completely different)
  11. sorry, it's top secret haha! it's okay. have yours been uploaded onto facebook yet?
  12. hi! thanks (: umm i sent mine in at around 11pm (adelaide, australia time) but i noticed that they usually upload the photos between 12:00am-1:30am (adelaide, australia time) hope that helps!
  13. yeah, i sent them in before i uploaded them on here
  14. thankyou! but AWWWWW now the world is deprived of pole dancing mika
  15. haha thankyou! i was trying to name him i was like, mikey mouse? nooo that sounds more like mike, not mika mika-y mouse? noooo that doesn't work either but decided he can be mika mouse but mickey mika works too and i love the ears!
  16. ahaha thankyou i've made an account now, i hope it works WELL i tried, but this is the best i could do! here is your pole dancing mika!
  17. thankyou!!! AHAHA i should! and i would, except there are no miniature poles in my house! i'll try turning a chair on its side and see if that turns out okay Edit: how can i upload photos here without having to add them on as attachments?
  18. I couldn't replicate the tofu dolls because i didn't know how to make the body but i managed to find a template to a paper mickey mouse and just changed all the black areas to match the same colour as the mika tofu doll face it originally didn't have the suspenders, but i decided it needed a bit of a mika touch IMO it looks like a fire fighter stripper now ahaha thanks again for all your help guys
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