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  1. ah i dunno if that hurts or not aha. But for what i got it doesn't at all,just feel pressure,hurts after obviously but not too bad Oh i see,I'll probably go to a studio in Glasgow if i ever get one done tbh,used to be one in my town but last time i saw where it was at it wasn't a tattoo studio anymore
  2. Makes sense haha. I'm kinda wanting like what Gaga has,the unicorn on her thigh,but think I would get the tattoo artist to change how it looks slightly so isn't an exact copy haha. I just sadly haven't the money for it right now,cos obviously to get a really good tattoo costs quite a bit ;-;
  3. I was nervous tho aha,guy was like don't be I think from what anyone has said to me,it depends on where and how big the tattoo will be. Like on the knee it's painful cos right on the bone,but somewhere like your thigh it wouldn't be as bad,think it's meant to just feel like cat scratches instead but obviously over and over. If I got my tattoo that i want done then i would defo be able to let you know aha It's just the normal nostril one,you should aha it doesn't hurt
  4. I could imagine,admin always seemed boring to me haha. Probably hasn't blocked cos hasn't seen your tweets,I have no idea what his mentions could be like if he tweets,like it could not be as bad as what some other ppl get haha No not really at least not for me,i had a friend saying it will hurt,some thing online i read before hand in how it will hurt and she was giving it a 3.5/4 outta 5 for pain rate. Meanwhile I got it done and was over before i knew it and it was like that was nothing haha
  5. I just imagine it being a load of fun tbh. A photographer i guess look up to does it and he always seems to have fun with it. Just powerpoints i have to do tbh thats it aha. Ah well least have heard of him,more than some ppl :') one of his songs is on Guitar Hero haha. Yeah we do aha,ive tweeted him saying but obvs aint gonna see but still. I got back home yesterday,it's weird how i am so glad to be back home haha,but while away I got my nose pierced :')
  6. I pretty much demand my mum like I must see this person or this band that's how I have managed to go to so many,that and very lucky those i like do decide to come here eventually (I also feel since i want to do concert photography,it probably helps to go to alot of gigs,i mean wait until i can manage getting passes ill be going to even more then) I just always think maybe Mika will come to Glasgow sometime since Gaga did and she hadn't been in Scotland for 3 years i think someone said so i live on hope :') ah well its a nice birthday present aha,the concert on 27th August is suppose to be a part of my birthday aha. I'll be seeing Neil Young (which probably might not know him,but basically ill be seeing a 70 year old man still manage to play music ) I have some stuff to do too,one thing is make a flickr and upload some photos (which i have kinda done) and other is start taking photos for my events unit but i ain't going to any event over the holidays so I'll be down near Sheffield end for a week,when i get back i will probably do nothing or see if any friend(s) are willing to put up with me going to theirs to hang out aha
  7. Goood,thank you and it's NC photography which is like a level 6,working my way up True but these assignments are a nightmare,or at least I get stuck with the last thing everytime which is 'How do these images relate to the theme' and obviously i am not to be dead obvious so i get stuck what to say then told it's not enough if i do put in whatever. Well it is a Saturday,thank you I'm looking forward to it :') Going to that has taken me to 3 gigs i am going to this year,might be going to a 4th one which will be a David Bowie tribute but I'm not sure yet. Oh i would but whenever i look at how much it will be its like maybe not...I mean i even thought about going to Leeds festival but like for one of the days cos of ppl i like being there but the travel would just make it all the more expensive,not that I can see Mika in London now annyway,I will be seeing someone else I'm pretty sure I have been to 14 yeah,I guess it could be like 19 if i count going to shows around me that have had ppl perform but never sure if to count them or not,just stick to them that are in a venue,come after the ones this year i have it will be 18 mind but i know someone who has been to way more than that and are same age as me. You're lucky tho to be able to see Mika,for me it was back in 2010,i think it was 2012 i was meant to be seeing him again but he cancelled cos ill but has never came back to here in Scotland ;_;
  8. Gooood,yes it does aha between college getting in my way and then forgetting to actually come here that's why ain't been around,when i get home i just decide to watch youtube or play skyrim or something Good stuff,im ok thank you =3 Luckily i don't have any exams just alot of assignments and it feels like its all i ever have done. Oooh,but should tell her that there is still tickets for that if she's interested in going,i checked the other day and tickets still came up even tho someone told me it was sold out but ya It's them Fall out boy and now Wolf Alice,more are to be announced I'm alright thank you =3 I've been to like 14 i think (im trying to remember who've all seen >< ) Mika was my first gig to go to tho when i was 13,i haven't seen him since then cos has decided to not bother with Scotland and it comes to way too much money to go down to London to see him (even tho i can't cos i am going to a gig on that day anyway but still ) Oh easy mistake to make ofc haha Not too bad thanks you? Well i am getting my work done i have pretty muuch done most of it for one of the lecturers anyway,ive made friends at least ive already had an interview for another college and they gave me a conditional offer cos i need to pass this course first
  9. How's it going ? How you doing? gratz on getting tickets to see Mika Sadly i won't be seeing him this year,I however got tickets on tuesday to see Biffy Clyro and Fall Out Boy Thank you aha,i seem to do this alot where disappear and come back I'm not bad tired as always tho you? How's it going ? Raaaacheell
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