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  1. Hey USA people, I was just just able to order 2 3-packs and several single MIKA Pilot pens from (vendor is The Quilted Bear, LTD). They don’t have the whole variety that’s available in Europe, and I didn’t see any boxes. They’re expensive pens, and there’s a two week shipping time. But they’re there.
  2. Maybe the buyer just liked the bright design especially in the middle of full winter colors all around.
  3. Thanks for that translation because my Chrome browser translated it as “he told me to continue and that I had everything. that I could make a cardboard”, which made absolutely no sense to me! Now , with your translation, it makes a LOT more sense!!
  4. I got mine 2:08 PM EST 2/16. It runs thru Wednesday- could you re-sign up for the email list and still get it if you don’t get it soon? I sent mine in. I have to try. I need more color in my life! Jo
  5. I just figured out how I’m going to get some of the pens — if my niece doesn’t mind. She’s going to college in The Netherlands (dual citizenship). I’m going to trade on my favorite aunt status!
  6. UPDATE: It’s not the browser. I got about two minutes on Chrome of the next guy (the one who looks like Robert Downey, jr), then black. Ah well. (Hope it’s not a copyright issue for you.)
  7. I think it’s the video. I’ve no problems with YouTube, Vimeo, or watching thru the French TV channel — wait, I watch the TV station using Chrome browser and I was watching this using Safari browser. Let me try it using Chrome and see if it makes a difference.
  8. It keeps going to a black screen for me. The first time I saw about 35 minutes, then black even when I tried to skip ahead. A couple hours later I tried again, starting where it ended before, and I saw about 4 more minutes of it before it went black again. But I did enjoy what I did see. It was nice to understand what was being said for those parts — thank you for that.
  9. When it asks for date, does it mean today’s date, or birthdate?
  10. I think they’ve cross-switched him with someone else. I just looked him up on IMDB (because of this) and these aren’t listed. It does list him as an actor in 8 films (most concert videos, plus two for Helping Haiti, something called Obsessive Rhythms where he plays a pianist, and Zoolander 2.) He’s on the soundtrack of 60 films. Maybe he’s on the soundtrack of these?
  11. This is Me from The Greatest Showman soundtrack
  12. Basically because neither of us can picture life without the other in it, but there are real reasons we can’t live together yet. In another 2-4 years we’ll do it. We talk every night, text throughout the day if things happen that we want to share now (instead of waiting for 9 pm call) or need help on now (ditto). We spend 5-6 days together every 4-6 weeks and about 2-3 two week vacations together a year.(although lately some of those “vacations” have been me (& him) going out to Texas to help my brother with my parents. Usually I go to his place in the winter and he comes up in the Summer and we split fall and spring. Whenever I’m hospitalized he comes up during and after to take care of me (I’ve some chronic illness issues). We’ve both been living alone a long time before we met (at an online discussion site), and liked being single. We’d dated others but never married anyone. I lived with another guy for awhile but ended up with restraining orders. (When young I’d an unerring eye for falling for “the bad guy”, then I took some years off dating & into therapy to sort myself out.) So I’ve dated enough bad ones to appreciate a good one when I found him, and realized at my age it’s worth the effort to keep it strong, yet this way we each get our alone time. For us, it works. Where in N.C. are you headed?
  13. My partner lives in SC (14 year long distance relationship, so I’ve been to SC a lot). I also have an aunt and uncle in Wilmington NC who I visit (and cousins in other southern states). I’m not first choice since I don’t live there, but if nobody better turns up, maybe I can help.
  14. Hi Heather, Welcome! I’m from NY (but not NYC). I haven’t seen him either & I’d really like to. I discovered him a few years ago and became YouTube obsessed (plus bought all his music).