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  1. Happy Birthday Kezza :happybday:

  2. Good to know. I remember having to host pics before. I'll do it when I'm on my phone again.
  3. I have received my package, thank you Lena! I took a pic, now I need somewhere to host it so I can post it here. Dee, can I send it to you to put in your pic account and have you send me the link to the pic so I can post it?
  4. Thank you, I'll let you know when it arrives.
  5. Partial to the west coast of the US, with its beautiful weather year 'round in California, but of course I know that's just me. Especially if only one party gets held, whenever it may be. Just glad to know festivities will be taking place, wherever, whenever. I'll be most likely to celebrate with a cupcake and tea with my daughter, rather than most of you, as it is, so my input isn't of much value.
  6. I'm twiddling my thumbs over here too, Silver... !
  7. I love to write letters too, am open to writing as long as people know I'm not only going to write about Mika! I'm a grandmother but not some stereotypical old lady!
  8. Lloyd just had some Dave Brubeck Quartet on, I'm not sure what album or song specifically...
  9. I wish I could, Silver, but the postage via air mail for packages is killer from the US.
  10. Busy busy busy! I've been in a relationship since March, just moved in with him last weekend, work has been crazy and life in general has changed a great deal in just a few months here. How are you?
  11. No video evidence of it (YET!) but I do sing "Love You When I'm Drunk" at karaoke. It's in my regular set list nowadays. Maybe one of these times I'll copy Anne and record myself on my phone for all of you.
  12. Yes, I want her to post pix too, I made her a truly awesome package!
  13. So glad to hear/read this. I was about to send you a PM to inquire. Eager to see what comes this way from you!