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  1. kreacher

    Mika & Cats 😻

    just some memes and things i found around...
  2. kreacher

    Mika & Cats 😻

    Mika and his €28,000 kitty lamp that lights up when you touch it's... special parts Even though he changed his name he still counts as a Cat, right?
  3. kreacher

    Mika & Cats 😻

    i made this ages ago...
  4. kreacher

    Mika & Cats 😻

    best. thread. ever.
  5. kreacher

    Tour rumours 2019

    thank you so much for looking into this, Deb. It was stressing me out so much
  6. kreacher

    Mika in stripes

    yes yes thank you yes! i've always loved this jacket on him Such a good color!
  7. kreacher

    Mika Encyclopedia

    He also did "Toy Boy"
  8. kreacher

    US American Thread Part VI

    Hello!! He is! Sadly in the states we Mikafans are few and far between. If it weren't for MFC i wouldn't have met any others.
  9. kreacher

    Mika in stripes

    thank you i found a few more...
  10. kreacher

    Hello there MFC-ers!

    Welcome to MFC! have fun & please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything
  11. that's just where my mind went, you're probably right. i don't know who BTS is either
  12. i wonder what the other two are loling about and why Mika isn't even smiling. Usually he's the one with the big smile in photos now that you mention where his hands are i can't help thinking he's feeling his own backside
  13. I voted on my phone, I’ll try tomorrow on the computer at work. he’s currently in 3rd place
  14. My red Mika pen w/ the mushroom on it went on an adventure without me! It fell off me into a delivery bin at work and I didn’t know which one so I frantically emailed my coworkers as soon as I realized it had gone AWOL, saying it had “great sentimental value”. Somebody all the way across the city found it and sent it back to me several days later. So let this be lesson to everyone: hang on to your Mika pens cuz they are wily little things that will escape first chance they get!

    1. Dominika


      Last Friday one of the teachers I'm working with, came to my class and wanted to borrow a pen. I was trying to found one but I couldn't so I gave him one of my Mika pens. The rest lesson I was thinking whether the pen will come back to me. Fortunately the teacher returned it :lol3:

    2. crazyaboutmika


      Glad you both got them back girls :biggrin2: I only use my extra ones who live in a Miami coca cola can in my living room and I keep the rest of them in their boxes so those naughty pens don't run away :naughty:

      One of them went to The Voice with me last spring though :wub2:

    3. Mikasister


      Mika pens are alive :naughty:

  15. kreacher

    Hello ..old Mika fan, but new to social media

    Welcome to MFC We’re happy to have you here!