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  1. really wild stuff! Like posting in all the language threads in the wrong language, and post pics of Mika wearing green in the Mika in pink thread, and if we want to really want to go wild and give them practice we can open a bunch of threads for stuff that already has a thread! Why, what’re you thinking of?
  2. Congrats to you both! Let’s all go cause chaos throughout the forum… to give them practice
  3. This was my Monday, it was being extra Monday-y: Tuesday was much better
  4. I wanted to ask this question too but wasn’t sure where They need name tags, …ooh or one of those big sweaters for two like Mika and Lang Lang’s, but with BF and O on it instead of naughty and nice! Thank you for answering @holdingyourdrink
  5. I wrote it and i still refer to it a lot too I'm glad i'm not the only one who uses it, but even i was i'd still probably work on it. I really just want to know all the Mikathings! Thanks for keeping a list! I keep a list too but it's so easy to miss things (especially when he does so many things in languages i don't understand ), so if you want to send me your list (whenever you get a chance, no rush) I'd love to compare.
  6. lol I did the same when I heard GK in a Nebraska Walmart. It seems his music I had been licensed for grocery store use or something. I heard Popular w/ Ariana there too. The stores playing those songs isn’t so shocking, but TAY in the USA? Wow, that one does surprise me!
  7. Hey all, I've been back to working on this more earnestly for the past couple of months and was hoping to have a major update ready by Christmas, or at least New Years Day but life keeps distracting me. Plus, I had kind of wandered away from Mika for a few months in 2022/2023 (if wasn't a conscious decision but looking back i think i might've been salty about the only 2 gigs i was to attend getting canceled/postponed too late for me ) and he did a ton of stuff during my inattentive phase, more than I'd realized. So, i figured if i post my goal date here maybe I'll stick to it better, and that goal is Mikasoon! ...Or at least March sometime, because that's the anniversary of when i started this project
  8. I just dreamt I was googling pictures of refrigerators and I found a photo of Mika standing in a kitchen. He looked about age 19-21 or so and he was wearing a little black lacy bra and panties over his hoodie and trousers. For some reason I thought this pic was from one of his early showcases (there was a caption maybe?!). I was sort of distracted by the nice green and black fridge also in the picture That’s all I remember about the dream.
  9. yeah, I wouldn’t have mentioned it except without the e the meaning changes massively xD I agree, I definitely don’t think it’s only about Beirut
  10. *must not say Mika would probably rather be eaten by a male anyways*
  11. I was thinking this too, or Beirut specifically, ever since the first time i read the translation on google, but didn't want to say it because I thought people would think it was a dumb idea. Especially these lines: She is taken back to The wounds of the past Each time she tries to move forward She is stuck Lives in a broken body And destroys everyone who Wants to help her BTW @crazyaboutmika heroin is a drug, perhaps he means heroine (a female hero)?
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if he was, although the idea isn't that revolutionary so it could totally be coincidence. Hmmmm... I don't recall him ever mentioning Confucius before And im not going to quote anyone from 2010, but i always have heard 'quite a good-looking face' and particularly like that bit because I use the word 'quite' quite often. I'd be so sad if it's actually "what a good-looking face"
  13. I was wondering if they were his mum’s too. New mission: find pics of her wearing these bracelets xD
  14. He's so polite to hold his hand up to show us his treasures
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