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  1. Lilla glitter


    Hi Freaks! What do you know about this party? I saw this post on Instagram. I think it's a cute idea but I don't really know actually what is this :/
  2. Lilla glitter


    Thanks so much!!
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  4. Lilla glitter


    Thank you! I love this club
  5. Lilla glitter


    Thanks for everything!! You're so kind.
  6. Lilla glitter


    Hello! My name is Lilla, I'm 13 years old (gonna be 14 in August) and I'm from Hungary. I'm a fan of Meeks for 4 years. So how I discoverd MIKA : One day I wached the tv with my grandma. We listened to music in a random music channel. And the song what came on was "boum boum boum". I fell in love with the song! But after a heard other songs, I had new favourites... But sometime I listed to bbb again and I showed this song to my mom. She told me MIKA is a super singer (I said I know :'D) and she asked me where is MIKA from. I didn't know so I looked for him in the wikipedia and I find out a lot of interesting thing about Meeks! Than I listen to he's other songs more and more. Aanndd now I really love him!!! This was my story how I became a MIKA freak. (Sorry for my english!) ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  7. Lilla glitter

    Calling All Hungarians

    Hali! Én ott voltam Tudom hogy ez most teljesen mindegy de ma regisztráltam és még nagyon lelkes vagyok... örülök hogy ennyien vagyunk magyarok
  8. Lilla glitter

    Where in the World Are You?

    Hi! I'm new here! I'm Lilla and I from Hungary. Nice to meet you!!