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  1. Ich weiß schon... ist halt sehr schade... aber vielleicht ändert sich das Ganze ja mit dem nächsten Album mal wieder, kann ja sein.
  2. das lässt dich hoffen, dass er uns noch nicht vergessen hat
  3. Happy Birthday :happybday:

  4. My cats are lovely and wouldn't want to miss them. And I guess they would even like a dog. But yeah, dogs are really in need of good care. Cats are independent. I think that's why my family prefers them. Aww lucky! that must have been fun! Well, we have a garden so that wouldn't be a problem. I like all the names.
  5. Amazing news! I would also love to have a dog! But my parents aren't into dogs. We have some cats which I also love dearly, but well, I adore Golden Retrievers (yes, even before I knew that Mika likes them, too ) and I would enjoy to have one on my own. Anyway, Mika could be a possible name in my opinion. Even for a female dog.
  6. I love those pics and the interview itself. and I'm especially happy that I was able to find the magazine even in my country. that's not usual here sadly...
  7. Genau! ich lebe gern hier. Andere kommen zum Urlaub her.
  8. Ich war da zwar noch nicht, aber der Ort sagt mir was. 😉 Selber komme ich aus einem kleinen Dorf, das zwischen Hof und Bayreuth liegt.
  9. Hallo! schön dich kennen zu lernen. Nachdem du gesagt hast, dass du aus Bayern kommst - darf ich fragen woher genau? Ich bin auch aus Bayern. Mika macht tatsächlich süchtig, aber du hast hier die richtigen Menschen, mit denen du deine Sucht teilen kannst.
  10. Hello! Nice to meet you! Especially as you are German, too.
  11. They already played the song on a German radio station yesterday in the evening
  12. I'M SO SO SO HAPPY, I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU This day is a day of great news!!! I love the new single, it's so catchy and full of summer vibes! I can't wait for the album coming out in October!