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  1. He's probably working on new songs and therefore it's all top secret.
  2. Happy Easter, everyone! :flowers2:


    1. Prisca


      Happy Easter!



    2. Paoletta


      @starlight Happy Easter you too... Buona Pasqua #pasqua | Pasqua, Cartolina di pasqua, Immagini

  3. I know the struggle! These kind of magazines are never available in my country... But I'm a collector. So that's a big problem...
  4. Hello! Nice to meet you! Hope you'll enjoy your time here.
  5. Hello and welcome @Liam I'm Elena and I come from Germany. You'll have a lot of fun here for sure! MFC is a big family and everyone is so sweet and tolerant It's so easy to make friends here. By the way, I like sheep, too.
  6. I wish I could get it somehow.
  7. Hello and welcome Nice to meet you and that you finally joined us here as you are fan from the very beginning. This song is really perfect for a weeding. But I'm not sure if I ever find someone who can understand my passion for Mika and his music.
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