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  1. I LOVE IT SO SO SO MUCH I have a new favourite suit btw which is the colourful one. But anyway, it was so good to see him performing and he was full of energy. It was just amazing. I already rewatched it two times! And hey @Anna Ko Kolkowska I took the same picture as you did! His look leaves me speechless!
  2. My favourite outfit already! Can't wait for Thursday! :wub2:




  3. Thanks, dear I'm so much looking forward to it!
  4. Haha yes, I'm always busy. I can't remember any time I haven't been busy I''m really born for that!
  5. Ah nice! Sounds like a responsible thing to do! So I keep my fingers crossed for you that you will be able to do it full-time soon. Yeah well, I'm stressed as always. But it all went well with studying online. I prefer it to presence lessons.
  6. Same for me, I had to agree on that in order to be able to enter the forum.
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