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  1. His hair looks a little bit strange😆
  2. Who knew his parents were singers too back in the 80´s?😲


    1. giraffeandy


      I just know his cousin makes music... Interesting family. :biggrin2:

    2. Dominika


      What an investigation! :lmfao:

    3. Dominika


      His song reminds me a lof of this one 👇


  3. No matter the context, women usually turn around to gaze at him and his appearance look👀🧑
  4. No matter the context, women usually  turn around to gaze at him and his appearance look👀🧑

    1. Mikasister


      Calla, calla que avui em te contenta. Fa coses que no entenc pffff


    2. Míriam Ballester
    3. Mikasister


      Ara es posa a seguir una fan pffff no ho trobo gens bé

  5. You are really well considered by him
  6. These songs "could be selected" to represent Moldova and Russia  in Eurovision´15 and '16 editions but even were catchy didn´t win


  7. An old one (2002) but with an intense meaning

  8. From where is this photo??
  9. Top song for me!


  10. What does it mean? Is it a real saint´s name?
  11. Feliç St Jordi, encara que siguis a Londres. Avui Barcelona està preciosa!






  12. Just the reverence of a knigth waiting for receive his lady´s or king´s favour
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