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  1. Matilde Zambiasi


    I always listen to you Jellyfish 🐙
  2. Matilde Zambiasi


    I loved this interview too! he has been fantastic with fans! i hope i'll go to next events, see him on stage is magic from my laptop, i can't imagine live
  3. Matilde Zambiasi


    aaa I love Japan! how is to live in? i hope it too, let's cross fingers🤞
  4. Matilde Zambiasi


    oooh, you have a lot of pictures with Mika! so lucky!
  5. Matilde Zambiasi


    Hello Sara! Are you from Italy? I'm happy to know that I'm the only one who likes psicology, in my class nobody like!
  6. Matilde Zambiasi


    yeeaaah, i think too, his concerts are amazing!
  7. Matilde Zambiasi


    Hello, I'm Matilde and I'm 14. I live near Milan, I study in human science- social economic high school and my favorite subjects are law, economy and psicology. My dream is to hug MIka and study abroad in Japan! I saw MIka for the first time in 2013 and i loved him but i'm fan just since september 2016. I saw him at "il tempo delle donne" in MIlan on 08/09/2017 and it has been fantastic. My favorite song is no place in heaven (and my favorite album too) but I love good guys too and I'm the biggest mikandy supporter, they are a perfect couple!