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  1. Welcome Rebecca, I'm sure you'll have fun here!
  2. I remember Mika saying on an Instagram Live in 2019 that he was planning a special one-off gig in London in 2020. Obviously, this never happened due to the pandemic, but I wonder if he will do anything like that in London next year? It's possible that he won't tour, but it would be nice to see him do a one-off gig in the UK that I could go to. I'm sure many fans would appreciate it! Anyway, it's so great to see him doing shows again!
  3. Mika looks good in all colours but blue is my favourite on him
  4. Last night I dreamt I was at a Mika concert at an opera house in London. The only problem was that it only lasted for 20 minutes! Me and the other fans I was with were very disappointed about this, so we ended up looking for Mika backstage to ask him why the concert was so short. The backstage area was a maze of corridors and the rest of the dream was spent trying to find our way through them. Eventually we found Mika's band and dancers who told us that he had gone home.
  5. The Soundtrack of Empathy concert was absolutely amazing, really brought some much-needed colour back into my life. Mika and his band were fantastic as usual, and the speakers were very inspiring. I love that he wore an outfit in almost every colour of the Pride flag, and the part where he kissed his dog on the head was so cute! I enjoyed all the songs but my favourite part was definitely We Are Golden. This song has always had a special place in my heart and this performance was particularly amazing. "Sometimes at your lowest low, at your saddest self, it's easy to forget... you are not what you think you are, you are golden!" After a really rough week, I really needed to hear this, and it is already helping me to stay positive and believe I am a good person. Thank you Mika so much for this concert! I only hope it won't be too long until I can see him on stage again.
  6. Hey, great to hear from you too! Hope you're doing well Yes, I'm finding that the job is a great distraction from everything at the moment. It makes me feel productive and helps to pass the time. Working from home is definitely an introvert's dream! I found out that I am going to get my vaccine this Friday, so not long to wait now.
  7. Marina & the Diamonds - State of Dreaming I love this song. Beautiful and sad, but with such a happy chorus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-atCFjrqsA
  8. Thanks, I hope so too! That's great you were able to study online. I think we introverts generally prefer to be able to work from home!
  9. Thanks, great to hear from you! Basically, the job involves writing content for different company's websites, mainly to help them with marketing. It's only part-time at the moment but I hope I will be able to progress to full-time at some point. Hope you're getting on well with your studies and work as well xx
  10. Hi guys, I haven't been active on this thread in a while, but I'm glad to see that everyone is doing well A few months ago I started a new job as a freelance content writer. I'm enjoying this so far and was so glad that I got the job, having been made redundant from my last one in November. Things are still difficult here in the UK, but we're making progress. I have registered for my first vaccine dose so should hopefully get it in the next few weeks.
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