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  1. This song is giving me late '80s vibes, really reminds me of Fleetwood Mac. Loving the ever-so-slightly naughty lyrics!
  2. To me, Dear Jealousy sounds like a song from a Broadway musical, especially in the last chorus with the choir. I think this might be my favourite song from the album so far!
  3. I love this song! I could imagine myself listening to it in late summer in Italy, sipping limoncello as I watch the sunset.
  4. The part when he sings "you get me high on a tiny love" is my favourite thing about this song. It's so beautiful and gives me the most wonderful shivers, reminds me a little of Porcelain. Can't wait to hear it live in November
  5. Do you think it would be possible to organise a meet-and-greet for MFC? That way, there wouldn't be as many fans.
  6. I love the look of these! If they glow in the dark, they would look amazing.
  7. It's official... I'VE GOT TICKETS!!!!! I bought two standing tickets as none of the seated areas were available, don't know if anyone else had the same issue. This will be my second Mika gig, and I am SO EXCITED! Only 158 days to go...
  8. Hoping to get tickets for the London show, I'm so excited!!!
  9. I saw the dates on Songkick as well. If the London date is real, that is perfect for me, as I have nothing planned for November so far...
  10. Wishing and hoping for a concert in London, I really hope he gives us a full list of dates soon...
  11. :yay:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:yay:


    1. Mikasister
    2. silver





    3. teenagedreamer98


      Thank you all for the birthday messages! :hug: :wub2:

  12. TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON!!!!! I have been waiting so long for this...
  13. "Exciting next few weeks" I have never been more ready!