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  1. The sooner the vaccine is available, the better. I think you're right - even if there was a chance he could tour next year, the gigs wouldn't be "normal" and that would take much of the enjoyment away. I suppose one positive is that we can think about how we'll reeeeeeaaaally enjoy the gigs when they return
  2. This news makes me extremely sad. I understand he may have other commitments or wants to keep everyone safe, but after the terrible year we've all had I was really hoping for some new shows in 2021
  3. The concert was beautiful. I really liked the duets he sang with Danna Paola and I loved seeing Kylie. The other artists were fantastic as well, but Mika was the highlight of course. His performance of Any Other World was very touching, and I loved it when he sang We Are Golden as this song has helped me through so many hard times. It was strange not to hear an applause after every song, but this was to be expected. I seriously cannot wait until live events return, but I think it was lovely of Mika to organise this special concert. It just goes to show that music brings hope i
  4. I really like the lyric video, it's moody and suits the tone of the song. Mika looks so good! (as always)
  5. I think this is my favourite of the new Mika songs so far. While I don't love it as much as his major hits, I like the song and think his voice sounds really good with Danna's. I like that the song is moody and slow but also electronic, as even though it is a slow song it still makes you move. Mika looks great in the video, my one complaint is that he is not featured enough! I don't normally like it that much when artists swear in their songs, but Mika makes it sound good and it adds to the drama of the lyrics. "I've been through hell but I'll be fine" are words I really neede
  6. The video reminds me of Lion King too, and the animators are really talented. I liked the part at the end when Mika and Soprano dance together. Mika as a squirrel was cute but very random!
  7. It's definitely better than nothing and if it makes him happy, it makes me happy too
  8. I prefer this song to Bella d'Estate but for me, it doesn't have that magical quality I expect in Mika's music. Saying that, it's still a fun summer track. The beat reminds me of the song Reggaeton Lento by Little Mix.
  9. Like many of you, I have mixed feelings about this song. It's ok but it doesn't WOW me, not like Underwater or Origin of Love. I am personally not keen on Michele's voice in this song, but maybe I will grow to like it after a few more listens.
  10. I think the concert is a brilliant idea. Raising money for a good cause and letting us see Mika live. I personally can't wait until he does a proper tour again, but as that probably won't be for a while yet this is the next best thing!
  11. These look so cute! I hope they will become available outside of Italy too.
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