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  1. In the very beginning of your video he says : « For every s**tty February 14th that I have had in my life... »
  2. Ok thank you ! I will see that with the people tomorrow
  3. Hi everyone ! I’m very excited about tomorrow, I think you too ! Maybe the people who comes to concert very often could answer me ! If your waiting for the show all day long outside and you need to go to the toilet (in the nearest shopping mall for example), can people keep your place, or is there some organization between fans ? Thank you very much see you tomorrow !!
  4. Hello and welcome to the fanclub !! I’m new too and I will be at the show in Strasbourg. I will try to be there at 10am I think. But for the show in Nantes, I was there at 1pm and I was pretty close to the stage. 😉
  5. The album is so cooool, so good to hear a live version of those songs ! I love the performance made on Popular !! 😍🥰
  6. There’s a fan account on instagram where there is a lot of videos from the show :
  7. The link works for the Channel ICI RDI but the program is actually on ICI TELE and the direct player say that it’s not available (in France )
  8. It’s working on my phone in France, thanks for the link 👍
  9. Hi !! Yeah, I can’t wait !!!
  10. Thank you Yes I think I will post some photos of the Nantes show 👍
  11. Hi everyone ! Here’s a little presentation of myself I’m Clémence, I’m 25 years old. I live in Strasbourg (France). I’m a producer assistant in an animation movie studio. But I’m mostly a huge fan of Mika since his beginning. I’m remember when I started listening to his first album, I tried to look like him et dressed like him I don’t know why it took me so long to joined the MFC (maybe because I’m shy 😳). I admire this forum and I’m happy to be a part of it now I saw Mika for the first time at the Francofolies of La Rochelle in 2008. Since, I didn’t had the chance to see him in concert until last year in Nantes in december. It was amazing and I’m going to see him again in the show in Strasbourg ! I’m talking too much, so that’s all ! (Sorry for my english 🙈) Bye bye and see you around ❤️ Clémence