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  1. It's rather sad that this thread has been dead for the last couple of years, especially considering that Rufus has recently released yet another magnificent album. Fingers crossed, he will gain some popularity amongst Mika fans after the I Love Beirut concert. I find that there is one crucial thing that both of them share: despite having been put through the wringer, they preserved their candour and they both have bright souls that just wash over any room with light. Anyone wishing to fangirl (or fanboy, for that matter) over Rufus – his masterful use of double entendre (Swings Both
  2. Yesterday some saint donated £25,000! This is such an enormous sum. I wonder if it might actually be Danna Paola or Rufus Wainwright. 😍
  3. This is heaven. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the announcement. I had the impression that Mika doesn't like to come face to face with his childhood heroes (Didn't he mention somewhere that meeting your idols in real life can be dangerous?). I noticed there isn't much of a Rufus Wainwright following amongst MFCers, which is actually surprising to me. In my mind, Mika and Rufus – while being very different in their music styles and all that – represent the same qualities and values, for which I adore them both: enormous heart and compassion, multilingualism, combination of seriousne
  4. Allora, I thought we can have a space to share information and links about interesting free videos on demand or broadcasting/streaming events, of which there are a lot these days. There was an avalanche of fantastic art projects at the beginning of the lockdown (most notably, London's National Theatre had streamed 16 majestic productions from its archives over the course of four months). As some theatres reopened, the number of online events has somewhat dropped, but there are still a few gems. Here are the current ones I know of (all of them are free!): – Metropol
  5. There is something in this song. While seeming a summer hit on the surface, it has somewhat of a melancholic sound. I find it to be perfect for late August. It has this end-of-summer feel to it. Kind of the last devil-may-care dance with someone you met during a seaside holiday. The lyrics also suggest something like this, but it's mostly the sound.
  6. My name is Kate. I'm in my late 20s and work as a translator. I first heard of Mika years ago (back when Relax was all the rage throughout Europe), but have become a complete Mikafreak about a year ago. I've been discovering the many treasures of MFC this past year, and I fell in love with Mika fans as much as with Mika himself. I'm not naturally talkative or, shall we say, socially adept, but I decided that today is a great day to say that all of you are wonderful, wonderful people, and I am forever grateful for everything you do – for posting thoughtful messages, sharing magnificen
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