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Mika Delivers Happy Ending


Written by STEVIE STYLES / Photos by BARRY BRECHEISEN Wednesday, 13 June 2007


There’s a new British Invasion heading to the states with Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse being the first out of the gate and now arrives a fellow that goes only by, Mika. Just like the girls, Mika made a big splash earlier this year at Austin’s SXSW music conference and helped to introduce Mika to American audiences.


With the Cubs playing a make-up date, it was no easy feat getting to the Metro on Monday night. Backed up a four-piece band, Mika appeared out of the shadows hiding in a red hoodie yet it could not hide his curly locks or a bright smile. Opening with “Relax,†Mika pranced around the stage with dominating presence. The surprisingly mostly female crowd bopped around cheering him on as two “big girls†in baby blue flapper outfits joined in the fun for “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful).â€


Mika is a cross between the bouncy flamboyant Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters with the piano skills of Rufus Wainwright. For the next series of songs that included “My Interpretation†and “Stuck in the Middle,†Mika rode the ivories center stage and showed us what he is made of.


The Lebanon-born, London-based singer was originally trained by a Russian opera teacher and it shows in his vocal range that is rumored to be in five octaves. Through the years he has performed in various classical performances, written in-flight music for British Airways and has even scored a jingle for Orbit chewing gum. This year he charted at number one in the UK and France with his first album entitled, “Life in Cartoon Motion†and is now taking it to America.


Tonight the converted were blessed with every song off of the new album with the exception of “Erase.†However, Mika made it up by playing two covers and even a new song. Mika turned the Eurythmics classic “Sweet Dreams†into a stomping groove that included a beefed up Slash-like guitar sound. Next was a wonderful take of the Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back†that proved he could easily stand his ground with the self-proclaimed Prince of Pop. The song was a perfect moment to showcase his octave range and prove he can hit the high notes.


On the new song, “Holy Johnny,†Mika only backed by an acoustic guitar, sung about a former male prostitute turned priest with the chorus, “I prayed for Johnny but now Johnny prays for me†and was a preview of what Mika has next up his sleeves.


It’s easy to see why Mika has made such an impression in the UK, with a wealth of talent at his finger tips and a voice of an angel, Mika is out to attack taboos in his song writing all the while entertain. There’s been many comparisons recently with everyone from Freddy Mercury to Elton John and all may have some truth but don’t be fooled, Mika is his own unique talent.

Mika is currently on tour all summer but unfortunately they are all over seas dates. So if you find yourself traveling in Europe this summer be sure to check and see if Mika is playing in town it will be worth your time.

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What a great review! Thanks Droopsy:thumb_yello:


"the surprisingly mostly female crowd" ????



yeah! lol! I felt the same! How do they mean "surprisingly"??:blink: They should def pay a visit to the MFC:naughty:

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The writer compared his voice to that of an "angel" and "he is his own talent"...I'm sure Mika would be very happy to read this article- it really is closer to the truth- Fantastic review.

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