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Mika gets death threats

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i found this on a syte i think that its rli nasty that someone could do that just because Mika doesnt like to speak about his sexuality

Theatrical singer Mika has admitted he has received death threats for not admitting publically whether he is gay or not.


We reckon he is, but that's just idle conjecture on our part.


Mika aaid: "I get hate messages all the time, a death threat. It was over whether I am gay or not. He wasn't happy that I won't talk about my personal life like that. Sometimes I think that I have made it, other times it is a bit worrying.


"I never talk about anything to do with my sexuality, I don't think I need to. People ask me all the time.


"In order to survive I've shut up different parts of my life, and that's one of them, especially this early in my career, I don't really feel that it's necessary to know in terms of my music.


"Some people make records that are defined by their sexuality, but mine really are not. It does play a lot with campness. It has a theatricality to it. Why not? It's pop music.


"If you're 14-years-old and you're gay, well, just do whatever you want. I'm not confused and I don't have any barriers about the way I live my life. That's why I don't want to put it under the microscope."


We reckon he probably is though.



oh yh and if you wanna read some more go on http://playlouder.com/find/artistsearch.html?searchtext=MIKA

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That is so pathetic! Only because he doesn't say what his sexuality is? I think the one who wrote this article is kinda...stupid. "We reckon he probably is though." Yeah right, don't reckon until he has spoken.:mf_rosetinted:


And to those who send death threats, get a life and go play with your big toe!:sneaky2:

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i have like 7 weeks or summut left of this year nd then 2 more years but im goin 6th form (my head of year whos a maths teacher wants me 2 do a level maths ahhhh) after that cus were gettin a new school building so i wanna c it nd then i might go uni but i dno yet


Awesome :thumb_yello:


Stay at school as long as you can, I love learning sorry lol

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That i so wrong!!! Death threats over wanting to know if someone is gay or not is just WRONG!!!! Death threats in general are wrong but what can we do? I wish people would get over the we think he is gay thing. WHO CARES? I don't thats for sure. Either way he is still Mika to me.

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We just have to don't care!!

lot of star receive this thread!

its very diffuclt for the people but they are prepared to receive this when they are famous.

queen,Elton John have special sexuallity and are/was great singer;but it's not our problem to know something else about his sexuallity.

so, don't care about this, fans are here to take care about him!

have a good day;




sorry but my english isn't perfect....:wub2:

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death threats?!?! come on ppl need to get a life. they r just jealous. besides why should ppl define him by his sexuality...why does that matter?!? i mean he'll still be mika..hot/sexy/talented/funny/cute/respectful/polite/...... mika. would that change IF he is gay? I THINK NOT! i don't care...gay/straight/bi/watever he'll still be mika and i will always luv him :wub2::wub2:

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i dont get it, why do peple care so much, why is this such a huge thing in todays society? whats the big deal with peoples sexuality!!! let people be what they wanna be and leave it at that

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