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His front theeth!


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you mean, like this??




ive noticed that too, and i think it is soo cute:mf_lustslow:


but did any1 notice that when he smiles he mostly smiles with his top teeth and they all seem perfectly even??


yeah,he IS perfect:mf_lustslow:

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in this first picture he's just smiling. in the second one he's laughing, so all his teeth are out.


well, yeah, but when he laughs, the front teeth are perfecter, when he smiles, they look out of line.


not that it matters, id love to.....nevermind:blush-anim-cl:

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how is this going to make sense....ehhh


i think the part of skin above his lip is shorter than normal? so it doesn't cover his upper teeth all the way....

did anyone understand that???


ahh, i get it. thats probably.:thumb_yello:

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heres a good one where you can really see it:blush-anim-cl:




did any1 else notice that in other pics where he's smiling, his teeth seem just fine????


like this1:





i don't even care what his teeth look like. they are absolutely perfect to me, especially in these two pictures...so adorable!

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