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Hello from the US!


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Hello to all my fellow Mika fans! I just joined the club and so I thought to introduce myself and tell of my first lovely Mika experience...


Hi, my name is Ami. ^__^


But to the important stuff- I first heard Mika on accident, really. I was trying to search for a new layout for my myspace profile and the site I visited would play a music video from time to time. Well, it had been Justin Timberlake for a while- so as I was rushing to scroll down and turn it off- I noticed that it wasn't Justin, and so I decided to listen to it. It was Grace Kelly, and what can I say? You all have experienced it- I was hooked from the first chorus! I quickly went to Itunes store and bought the music video. This was before the album came out so I got what I could. I basically had the whole song memorized by the time I went to bed that night- that's how much I listened to it in one night. Ha!


Anyway- that's my first Mika experience and the rest is history. Mika's style, lyrics and voice are without a doubt my favorite. Thanks for adding me to the club! And I look forward to what lies ahead. ^__^



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Welcome home!!!A very strange family is here to share with u a lot of exclusives of our big,big,big Mika and chat with u!!!!!!:punk:


I'm sure that u'll have a lot of good time here with us..so...let's find a thread that u like and start chat!!



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Wow! Thanks to all who welcomed me!! I was unable to get on for a few days so when I came back to so many welcomes- I was blown away! Mika fans are the bomb! :punk:


Honestly I've never joined a fan club b4- so in risking sounding so naive- I'm not even sure what to do! A little help and suggestions on how to get a little more active and involved would be awesome! Thanks!!



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