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Hey gang! I was just surfing through the music channels (as you do) when I saw the ending of Big Girl on THE BOX (so obv my eyes were glued to the screen lmao) and at the top right it said:


"Top 40 Download Chart"


and Mika was number 10! :punk: or 9 lol...either way, V. good!





Just fancied sharing!

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thats FAB news!!! Why is Mika more successful in foreign countries rofl?!


I know, it's pretty remarkable considering he's only done a couple of days promo here and played live for about 1,200 Canadians. I've been somewhat anxious for him to do some proper shows but I still consider myself lucky to have seen him at all.


He'll achieve more with this Canadian Idol appearance than he would with a cross country tour. It kind of sucks for the fans who want to see him live but he's going to get a lot of airplay and sell a lot of albums with fairly minimal effort.

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