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Hello from Belgium


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Hello From Belgium!


I just recently became a Mika fan.... and discovered 3 days prior to Mika's performance in Brussels that all was sold out. Now THAT is depressing!


I first heard Grace Kelly on the radio but never knew who he was, until I saw the video clip on telly and went "Oh MY he is cute!"


I know, with my 29 years of age I'm a wee bit older than himself but I sure as heck don't care!


I love it when he speaks French and I saw a bit on the news late last night that he even spoke Dutch in Brussels! How adorable is that?


So yes, hello to all and please welcome me as a new Mika addict....




PS I've been wondering this for a bit, does anyone know how tall Mika is? Ta!

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Thank you all for the warm welcome.


Forgot to add a few thingies about myself, I have lived in Saudi Arabia for 3 years and had tons of Lebanese friends, great people!!


I am half-Belgian and half-French with family in Paris, who knows I might have bumped into Mika when he was a schoolboy there, many years ago....


Lovin' Life & Lovin' Mika!

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