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What did get broken?


i didn't get that :S


one of those things on the christmas tree if I understood it right


a christmas decoration for the tree, Jo's son broke it


maybe a glass bubble, an ornament for the xmas tree:bleh:

gosh i lovedd his laugh after the child apology:wub2:


some kind of bowl? I need some help with the translation too :wink2: What did he say about his flat?


Also it was a bauble which was knocked off the tree is a ball shaped object which is hung on the xmas tree, and he said his flat is a building site at the moment!



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It where they mix up 7 songs and you have to guess what they are, so Mika's taking part in it on todays show.


oooh right cool.. haven't really listened to the past live lounge shows so don't really know any of the games :fisch:


thanks for explaining :thumb_yello:

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