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Hi, i heard about this the other day and tried to post it on the calendar but i think i may have done something wrong as it hasnt come up.


Hes on tomorrow from 10-1 the whole show, great!

I am going to be at uni too so will miss it, i will be logging on to listen again as soon as i get home!


Cant wait i love listening to his voice and he always makes me laugh!

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that's right... but they could still have webcams over there :bleh:


lol i gues they could, but they usually keep them in the studio :naughty: actually i don't think they even turn them on in the studio when there are guests around :thumbdown:

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I wish she'd hurry up and talk to him more!!

I have to be in work by 11am.

What on earth is she doing waffling on about other people when she's got Mika there?!!! Is the woman mad????


god knows what she's doing/saying to him when the music's playing :sneaky2:



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