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Important Message about The Hotseat!


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Recent hotseats haven't been going so well, and our wonderful mod, happikali suggested that it was because of the holidays. Contestants have only been getting a couple questions a day. Also, I messed up a couple of them and I ended up sleeping 13 and a half hours one night this week- I was, exhausted, to say the least. :naughty:


Anyway, it was her idea to push back the hotseat until after the new year, since we're all busy. We'd hate to see contestants get less than 2 pages, and then be done with their seat. That's no fun at all! Old dates here, new dates listed below.


If you have any concerns or complaints, please reply in this thread and I'll read everything and address it. This is in the best interest of everyone though, so I hope nobody's super upset and that you understand.


1. happikali (1/2)

2. rockinbabzz (1/3)

3. Starrats (1/4)

4. Jolene (1/5)

5. nathaliiexx (1/6)

6. annabelle (1/7)

7. Haley & Megan Meyer (1/8)

8. PhotoJenic (1/9)

9. MIKA_OBESSED (1/10)

10. Glowstick (1/11)

11. Fmbm (1/12)

12. Diana (1/13)

13. Sasje (1/14)

14. I've been 'Mikafied'! (1/15)

15. Becky (1/16)

16. GhostsInTheRadio (1/17)

17. Sarah_Lollipop (1/18)

18. RosinaKiwi (1/19)

19. pinkunicorn123 (1/20)

20. (1/21)

21. (1/22)

22. (1/23)

23. backflip_76 (1/24)


If you'd like to sign up for a new hotseat date, please do not reply in this thread to do so. Suin-up are welcome here.

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Top Posters In This Topic

That Happikali is so smart! :thumb_yello:


I thought the same -- that the holidays were too busy to do this --

but just didn't get around to saying it. I think it's great to wait,

and I'd also like to do it again, but after everyone else gets their turn,

since I already had my chance back in November :)



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