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Mika's Lollipop - stolen melody from De Nattergale?

Savage Beauty

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Winners & Sinners is a 1983 movie


u can hear the song from 1:00

i maybe watch before as tv station sometimes rerun old movie on tv in the chinese new year

but i dun think mika ever watch it

it's nonsense to say ppl STEAL others when they have some similarity :doh:

it's just coincidence


I agree with you on that. The melody definitely sounds similar - unlike the songs listed before -, but it is unlikely to have been taken that directly. :cool:

I can't picture him as a fan of Jackie Chan films but he might have come across it when he was studying Cantonese. It is even possible this melody comes from a traditional Chinese song.... Anyone from China here?


Anyway, as far as the idea of the song 'Lollipop' is concerned, however, it is more likely to have been borrowed and from none other than Serge Gainsbourg. He had a song called Lollipop (in French, of course) with some rather naughtly lyrics.

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