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Is the whole family obsessed with music?


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Fortuné is not a public person, I totally agree with you on this. Trouble is he posted this comment on a public site, signing with his full name, and what he said there is therefore public.

I don't think people who comment his spelling mistakes intend to be insulting, they rather find it quite cute. So no harm done. As for the "dyslexy" theory it's really far-fetched: everybody mispells on the internet anyway and in 99% of the cases theses are just typing mistakes.


I don't think this thread needs to be closed... but as I said I'm keeping on eye on it.

I totally agree he is cute on how he misspells it but i think that saying he may be dislexic going a little to far that is a serious medical situation and people shouldnt be throwing that word around because of two spelling mistakes and we should respect the privacy of the pennimans they got pushed into the spot light fairly quickly and obviously not used to this and we should lay off them for a while. :wink2:


and as for the full name thing fortune obviously didnt realize that his brother would be an world reknown singer in two years time


i dont think this thread should be closed either just people should reread what they are saying and think of how the pennimans would feel when reading it!

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I don't think this thread needs to be closed... but as I said I'm keeping on eye on it.


Why have several references been made to this thread being watched? Either it is acceptable to discuss a comment that Fortune made or not.


I'm with Petra in that I don't think there should be any attention drawn to his activity on the internet. It just encourages people to go searching around for more and I'm not sure why there's so much fascination with his siblings to start with. We all sort of know the basics which should be enough to satisfy everyone's curiosity.


But if it's been decided that it's okay to comment on, then it's okay to comment on it. What else could people possibly say in this thread about one brief comment Fortune made on another website that it needs to be monitored so closely?


All these questionable threads end up going on for pages, not because the topic is so fascinating, but because everyone spends so much time making a huge production over it instead of just letting it run its natural course and die out.

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