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HOTSEAT V2: 1/2 happikali!


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Only put that one in as mine were so dull and boring!!!! :roftl: :roftl:

If you ever get to the UK you MUST come and stay with me for a

few days :wub2:

:sneaky2: WENDO !!!! :sneaky2: .... & YES & THANK YOU ...... I would feel most privileged & verra happy to come & stay with you ..... :wub2: ..... the offer for you to come & stay with me in Aussie is also always here ..... :wub2:

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Top Posters In This Topic

1. What is your favourite farm animal?


2. Do you believe in horoscopes?


3. What are you saving for just now?


4. Whats your best tip for a healthy life?


Oooooohhh YAY !!! Wendi again !!! veryhappy.gif


1. Ermmm ... I just love 'em all .... gotta love goats 'tho !!!! :biggrin2:1HK-1.gif


2. Aaaahhh ... I'm into astrology .... so I understand the 'language of energy'

which I feel Astrology can be ........


3. A long awaited trip to UK/Europe ..... for the first (& perhaps last) time in my life ..... :biggrin2:


4. Joy

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:wub2: WENDI !!!!!


3. Haha ... Pudding is diff. in Australia .... However ... I know that it means the same thing as dessert ..... I don't often have/make dessert .... however, I have once tasted a pretty sexy dessert called Syrup Dumplings ... :das: !!



I have a recipe for a very sweet, sticky and deliciously sinful dessert called Golden Syrup Dumplings. You have to have cream or icecream with it to cut the sweetness (I AM a sweet tooth and even I think it's sweet), but sooo good on a cold winter's night. MMMMMM. Roll on winter!

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