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Cabin baggage rules being relaxed at 19 airports in Britain


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LONDON - Britain has decided to relax cabin luggage rules at 19 airports, including Heathrow.

Officials say passengers travelling through those airports - which also include Stansted, Manchester and Birmingham among others - will be allowed to take two pieces of cabin luggage through security checks starting Monday.

The one-bag rule was imposed for security reasons in 2006.

Airports where the one-bag rule will stay in place include Gatwick, Luton, Leeds, Bradford and Liverpool.

Airport operator BAA PLC said travellers should check with airlines to see what carry-on baggage policy is in place at their departure airport.

Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly said last week that improved security technology meant the restrictions could be relaxed.


EasyJet passengers will not benefit from relaxation of the one cabin-bag rule at many UK airports from Monday.

The airline will maintain a ban on second cabin bags, arguing the partial relaxation risks confusing passengers.

The restriction will be lifted at Heathrow, Stansted, Manchester, Birmingham and many other airports on January 7. But it will remain in force at Luton, Belfast, Bristol, East Midlands and Liverpool - all of them EasyJet bases.









uff...I wanna bring with me how many hand luggages I fancy:mf_rosetinted:

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thanks a lot for this and for all the other useful info you post, greta! you rock! :punk:


could it be this time on the way home I actually don't need to check in the same luggage that on the way to the uk it was considered handluggage..? :blink:

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Thanks for posting this! This is the most informative post I have read today, including my business mails:wink2:


Such a shame it has not been lifted at Gatwick.. Anyway, there are ways to get round: I usually carry a huge plasic bag and when I go to security control I simply put my laptop bag and normal handbag into it... as well as anything else I have with me.. (e.g. newspapers). I never understood how this stupid rule could be in place. It must have come from a man who has never seen a woman travelling..:cool:

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but oddly enough, the flight company confirmation email still refers to one piece of handluggage per person only... :blink::boxed:


Yeah, i got the same thing on my british airways ticket, probably didn't had a chance to update it yet, although for me it wont make that much of a difference. I know for you it will...

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