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I need books to read-Please HELP


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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone!!!!!


I know the MFC has plenty of smart people who enjoy reading. I used to read a lot but once I got married I stopped. I decided to start reading again, but I need some help with that. Perhaps, some of you can provide me with different types of books I would enjoy reading.

Just some facts:


I love learning about countries (culture, foods, people, etc) I also like Science (planets, etc)

And I like to read love stories but with a punch line!!!!


So, please go ahead and tell me!!!!!!!!!


Thank You




P.S. I also want to start reading so I can improve my English!:blush-anim-cl:

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I love the books written by Freya North, they are romantic comedy novels and are both funny and sweet! also, try reading the shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella!


I'll do my search for the books.

You are very sweet bu taking the itme and give me suggestions.

:thumb_yello: :thumb_yello: :thumb_yello:

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