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Movin' Out.....


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....so I made the decision this week to move out of the dorms into my older sister's apartment. My eldest sister, Katherine, is getting married in March and so this left my other sister without a roommate. Since I didn't want Caroline to have to move, I decided to take Katherine's spot.


It feels a little bit daunting, honestly. I am starting my new position at my job this week and will be beginning a new semester....as well as will be moving out all my stuff.


It seems I don't have enough on my plate..... :blink:


So yeah, I just felt like telling you. Just another step towards adulthood that I have avoided for a couple of years now. LOL It's not as if I turned 23 last week or anything.... :roftl:

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Oh but it's out to get us all! :wink2::naughty:


Boy it sounds like you're saying the glass is half full and I'm saying it's half empty haha. No really soaking up the time while I can. :naughty:


Btw, when I first saw this thread I thought you were going to say that you're leaving. :sad:

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Thanks everyone. A part of me is excited and another part is a bit worried. I am sure this is normal, though, as it's just another big change that I'm making. Your all's nice words and well wishes are much appreciated. :)


Sunny Monkey...I am not sure about her...lol...but I have never tried marmite! *gasp* ;)

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