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Mika's Trumpet and Trombone Players??


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I have a question (I did do a search, and found nothing about these two guys :shocked: ).


Who are the trumpet and trombone players who play on Billy Brown and lollipop at the gigs, or at least used to? the ones who 'forgot to come on' at Koko :naughty:


Anyone know anything about them?


*waits for wall of silence*

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as far as i know, they're Mika's friends :boxed:


Thanks Caz, for trying to help at least! :naughty:


I just wondered if anyone knew their names. Everyone else who goes on stage with Mika seems to be known by name on mfc and I felt a bit sorry for Mr Trumpet and Mr Trombone (anyway I think the latter is rather cute :blush-anim-cl: ).

Aha so now you know the real reason for me asking :naughty::mf_rosetinted:

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They do come on during "Lollipop" on the DVD - ergo, I bet their names are in the credits if you want to be a brass stalker. :thumb_yello:

Checking the DVD cover...


Hmm no, can't find their names... Just Mika, the band, Lorna & the 2 Big Girls...

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That's just it, they aren't credited on the DVD. It's a scandal! :naughty:


But then neither is Lorna, or is she? Maybe Mikafriends don't warrant being credited :naughty:


Edit: Lorna IS credited. But not my trombone hero :sneaky2: Shame on you Mika..

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maybe they're credited at the end of the concert?


They aren't, I'm sure, though the credits do roll by quite fast for my old eyes.


I've just googled trumpet trombone Mika and all I got was reviews of the Prince concert :boxed:


Never mind, I'll live :naughty:

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