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Mika's pirates

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mika is the captain


Yes friends, the pirate still plys the high seas as they have since mankind has sailed thereon.


so who'd like to be in savvy mika's salty crew?




Crewmember #1- lovepupbandit -Black Anna Bonney-First Mate

Crewmember #2- lalalifegoeson - The Kraken-Quarter Master

Crewmember #3- Roxy♥Mika♥ - Mad Sparrow

Crewmember #4- Little Cloud

Crewmember #5- mika-fan1001 - Crazy Wave-Cooper

Crewmember #6- freestyle

Crewmember #7- Karoli^^ - Sea Turtle

Crewmember #8- Emerald - rabid parrot-musician

Crewmember #9- babuccia -Kalipso-Cook

Crewmember #10-OBSESSED_ily.mika

Crewmember #11-Paulinalovemika

Crewmember #12- xxmikaaa

Crewmember # 13- racinghorse83

Crewmember # 14- Lolliepop_girl

Crewmember # 15-Clare




















Mika's Pirates- The untold story: The journey to find bob and the start of the pirate gathering!!





As we last left our great Capt. Mika last on shipreck cove, looking for Bob Geranium, so he could save his beloved braces. But our poor capt. was running out of time and need to get back to thumtack island before the dreaded Spam man xomes looking for him, to take his beloved braces. the only person that could stop Spam man is bob!!!



mika: " If only i was in anyother world, I would be sipping orange smothies form cocnuts right now but noooo, i have to find lovepupbandit so she could tell me were bob is"

so he walked and walked the deserted island till he found My interpretation Hotel. he desided to stop and make sure he was on the right tract to getting to lovepupbandit. as he walked into the hotel , he relized that everyone looked like clowns, except for one girl, mika-fan 1001. to him she looked like she fell from the heavens above. so he thought he would aske her if he was going the right way.

mika: "excuse me miss"

mika:* looks at name tag*

mika: "Mika-fan 1001, could you tell me if im going the right way to get ot lovepupbandit?"

mika-fan 1001: *turns around* "what? oh lovepupbandit you say? im sorry i dont know who that is. i cnat help you"

mika: *shocked look on his face*

mika: "savvy?"

mika-fan 1001: " i said i dont kno..."

mika: " i hurd what ye be saying , but the point is, im not understanding the words that you may or may not be telling me."

mika-fan 1001: " WHATT??"

mika: " look do ye be wanting to join me crew to find bob, to save me beloved braces?"

mika-fan 1001: " yar, me be wanting to leave this place since i was a wee girl"

mika: "great, so get yre stuff and we be going"


alittle outside of the town of lollipop mouse mika- fan1001asked our bave capt.

mika-fan1001: "so how many people be in your crew?'

mika:*looks around*

mika: "well lets see" *pretends to count* " there's you and me and..., well is just you and me right now"

mika-fan1001: " yarr tis going to a loooonnng journey in deed"


will capt. mika ever find bob before its too late?

is spam man really a man? these answers and more next time, so tune in!

for the continuation of











The untold story of mika's pirates!

part 2!!!!


the longly awated (only by devin lol) 2nd half of the story



- we last left mika walking around shiprecked cove with mika-fan 1001 looking for lovepupbandit, to find bob, to stop the evil dreaded spam man from getting mika's beloved braces!! *takes a breath*


mika-fan1001: "mika, mika, MIKKKKKAAA!!!"

mika: "wha..? hmm, yes mika-fan 1001? what is so important that ye must wake me from my slumber?"

mika-fan1001: " we've just hit a rock, is that important enough for ye?"

mika: "wHAAATT??!! ye must be joking"

mika-fan1001: "nope, have a look for yourself"

mika: *looks over the side of the boat*

mika: "well see here, how are we going to hit a rock when there IS NOOO WATTERRR!!"

mika-fan1001: "haha, i was just kidding"

mika-fan1001: * laughs*

mika: "oi, by the way, what is today's date?"

mika-fan1001: "ermmm, the 18th, why?"

mika: "today be me birthday"

mika-fan1001: "really?, well you know what me old grandfather use to say?'

mika:*Sakes head no*

mika-fan1001: " he use to tell me that when it was your birthday, you could make one wish and it would come true"

mika: "mmm, prove it"

mika-fan1001: "here sit down and ill tell you the story"

mika-fan1001: *begins to tell mika the story*......



fifteen min. later.


mika-fan1001: ........"and his wish came true"

mika: "wow, do you think if i would wish, it would come true for me eventhough im a pirate?"

mika-fan1001: "aye"

mika: "well then i better get to wishing.

mika: * closes eyes really tight*

mika: " i wish for.... A ORANGE SMOOTHIE!"


mika: "Because i wanted one realllllllyyy badd, why what would you have wished for?"

mika-fan1001: "oh i dont know, maybe to get out of here!!"

mika: " yeah, but if i did that then i wouldn't get my orange smoothie, its sooo good. here try some"

mika:* hands her the smoothie*

mika-fan1001: *slaps it out of his hand*

mika: "whyyyyy would ye do that??!?!?"

mika-fan1001: "because we could have been out of here by now!!"

mika: "oh well, there's always next year"





will mika ever get to bob before it's too late??


stay tuned for the next part of


the untold story: mika's pirates!!!

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mika is the captain


Yes friends, the pirate still plys the high seas as they have since mankind has sailed thereon.


so who'd like to be in savvy mika's salty crew?




Crewmember #1- lovepupbandit

Crewmember#2- lalalifegoeson

Crewmember#3- Roxy♥Mika♥

Crewmember#4- Little Cloud


ahoy! can i be on ye crew?

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