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awaiting tickets?


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so i purchased 4 tickets presale through mikasounds have confirmation number. no mention of where im at. no email saying tickets sent. Sandbag says 2 weeks on their site. mikasounds says 3 weeks. it is currently 2 weeks prior to the show. i contacted sandbag via email. oct. 20 chicago is show supposed to go to. longest i have had to wait for tickets. and i have paid confirmation of tickets... oh well time for the crazy time taking its toll.

:drinks_wine: sure needed that



any suggestions?

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BTW there is a postal stike isn't there in the UK soon if not now, pity ppl didnt have the choice to print their own tickets like has been done in the past, but hen I guess they couldnt screw you for so much "handling and postage fees"

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Its around 2 weeks before , last time for the songs for sorrow show some were late late and caused issues


Dont worry if anything goes wrong they set up a ticket collection service on the day :thumb_yello:




but.... but.... it atm. takes almost 2 weeks time to get mail from the Uk over here :blink:

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