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Live Nation Voids Scalped Tickets


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from pollstar.com


(This wouldn't affect anyone here who bought tix from Mikasounds, but still

thought it might be of interest, just in case you have gotten your

tickets elsewhere...)


The Dutch wing of Live Nation has canceled more than 1,000 tickets it deemed invalid because they’d been bought from sites known to be run by touts.


The move has brought fierce criticism from European Secondary Ticket Association chairman Keje Molenaar, who said it was a “ridiculous” move.


But a Live Nation-Mojo Concerts representative said the company spent a long time analysing buying patterns and ticket numbers and identified 12 Dutch sites that were clearly bulk-buying and selling for profit. That violates the terms and conditions of the original sale.


The canceled tickets were for Editors (May 1) and Mika (May 7). The invalid ticket numbers have been made public and the fans holding them have been asked to complain to the point of purchase.

Two years ago Live Nation Belgium made a similar move, invalidating tickets for a Shakira show at Antwerp Sportpaleis because they’d been sold by worldticketshop.com and Budgetticket.nl.


LN Belgium directors Herman Schueremans and Yo Van Saet then offered to re-validate the tickets, provided the sites could show they’d refunded the difference between face value and what the fans had actually paid.


Rather than face the publicity attached to being a scalping site and the fans’ complaints, the touts sent reps to hand out cash refunds as their customers arrived at the venue.




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Thanks Deb , it was in the dammy thread a week or so ago :thumb_yello:


Deserves its own thread for defonate:biggrin2:


Oh, didn't see it, FD, sorry -- haven't been reading the Dammy thread since...

I'm NOT GOING! :tears:

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Funny you should mention this.

At the Glasgow gig, about 4-5pm people were getting emails saying their tickets had been cancelled, they had to go to the box office to get new ones!

It turned out alright in the end, but there was quite a panic on at the time.

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