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Mika @ Country Hall, Liege, Belgium -- 04 June 2016


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Being in front would be fun, but I choose a seat for practical reasons :)


waiting at the doors to be the first in line to be in front, then waiting for +/- 2h before the show begins, and then the show of +/- 2h ...


That's like at least 5h without going to the toilet. How do you cope with that?  :)  Maybe I should google some tips but I prefer to play safe :mfr_lol:


A seat won't prevent me from standing :pbjt:


I don't stand in front of the doors for hours. Don't be silly XD


Last few gigs I rolled up at around 5 and got front row. In luxembourg I was there at 8pm and still got a really good spot.

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Hi everyone!


There's a fan meeting in Liège/Luik before the concert. I've also added info for people coming to the concert using public transportation. The link to the topic is:








Knowing Mika fans, I doubt any will go to a meetup hours before the show. They are very attached to their front row spots.

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Hi everyone,


I have 5 spare tickets for Mikas concert in Belgium on 4/06. Due to circumstances we can't go so with a loooot of pain in the heart we have to sell them. Hopefully they ll make another fan really happy!

The tickets are for seats in tribune J1, so nicely fronting the podium.


Please contact me if you are interested,



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Hi there!


I'd like to welcome Mika in Belgium with a lot of flags. I've done this one




If you want to be in, you could print some.


We'll have a lot of black, red, yellow balloons too.


Some people talked about bubbles on Underwater too. 


See you there!

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Hi everybody , at first sorry for staying away for so long but i've been extremely busy. I'm still a fan though.

But last minute i decided to go to this gig . Are there any fans traveling from the Netherlands with who i can travel ? And where are you all staying after the gig ? I also didn't buy a ticket yet so if someone has one (standing ) for me i'd be happy to buy it from you :)

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