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Hi! :bye:


Welcome to the MFC.


This site is full of information and chat about Mika, and it can be a little confusing to find your way about, so we hope this quick guide will help.


  • To start with, you should read the forum guidelines


  • We would like it if you post an introduction just telling us a little bit about yourself, and how you discovered Mika by starting a thread (topic), in this sub-forum: This will give other MFCers a chance to greet you :welcomeani: .
  • We also have Forum Guides - people who are happy to help other fans to find their way around.  You can contact them by clicking on their name and  leaving a message on their feed by (public) or by sending a message (PM - private message).



The forums

The site is divided into several main areas which are shown on the Forums page


  • Mika Fan Club information
  • Mika (this includes press articles about Mika, discussions about his songs, comprehensive lyrics and Mika-related chat)
  • Concerts, Gigs, Tours and Performances (reviews, photos and videos from fans and press)
  • General Chat
  • MFC Exclusives (special offers for MFCers, and projects we work on together)


If there is a thread you want to return to, click on Follow in the top right of the page and you can be notified whenever there is a new post in that thread.



Good threads to check

           You'll get help from someone as soon as possible, and you can also find out if there's already a thread about the subject you are

           interested in, before starting another thread with the same subject.

  • If you feel the need to share some thoughts that don't seem to fit a specific thread, you can use this one:
  •  There is a search function on MFC but it doesn't always find what you are looking for, so try using Google as well.  Type your search into Google Search like this  :"Mika's new album mikafanclub"  (for example) and Google will find it for you. 




Another way of seeing what is happening on the forum, especially if you are using a smartphone, is to click on Activity at the top of the page.


  • All Activity will show you the topics that are being discussed, people updating their status, who is doing what.
  • My Activity Streams will let you look at the specific topics/members you are interested in 
  • Unread content is very useful for showing you a thread you may have missed.



Start exploring and have fun! :naughty:

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