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Sunderland Record shop has Tickets for Newcastle Gig!


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I have news I have news I do I HAVE NEWS about the newcastle gig ........ some forum members are gonna loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me!!!!!!



ok spill it freddie:biggrin2:


lv, andi xxx

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:groupwave: OK OK ,tickets , some forum members have been searching high and low for tickets , weeelllllllllllll I FOUND SOME !!!!


I was trying to get some from all the newcastle outlets (needed one) and everyone is now sold out ,buuuttttttttt , a little old fashioned record shop in Sunderland has some!!!


I went this afternoon and he had 35! , I saw them with my own eyes , I tried to reserve some but he doesnt take credit cards , the even better thing is that are 9 pound a ticket!!!!


He said he sold a couple but now they are starting to go fast !!!!!




Ill post the number next ..

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