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Mika shall inherit the earth


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The Sun Online

January 22, 2007



NEW star MIKA is shaping up to be the biggest music sensation since the ARCTIC MONKEYS burst on to the scene last year.


Last night his debut single Grace Kelly went straight in at No1 on downloads alone.


The CD is not even released until a week today. And I can exclusively announce that Mika has already landed a massive deal with fashion guru PAUL SMITH.


He is earning a six-figure sum to front Smith’s global spring/summer 2007 advertising campaign - the first shot is on the right.


The 23-year-old’s angular face will be on billboards and in magazines all over the world from February 1.


He is clearly going to be the big name of 2007 - right across the planet.


At the end of last year the colourful singer and composer topped all of the critics’ predictions of who would be the name this year. But now he has turned the praise into genuine sales.


Grace Kelly is likely to stay at No1 after the CD is released.


And the star’s album - Life In Cartoon Motion - is certain to be a chart topper when it comes out on February 5.


Mika - born Mica Penniman - has the camp pop qualities of FREDDIE MERCURY, ELTON JOHN and SCISSOR SISTERS.


He was born in Beirut before his family moved to Paris, then London, when he was a youngster. He was bullied at school for his outrageous dress sense and theatrics.


Mika said: "I was a show-off as a kid, a bit weird. But I had that beaten out of me by everyone I was at school with." He threw his energy into music and was hassling record companies at the age of 12.


Now it’s paid off - and I bet those school bullies are feeling pretty stupid.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I bet those school bullies are feeling pretty stupid.

I hope (=_=)

Bullying people is the worst.

Though he said he didn't compromize his personality cause of this, and he's funny and spontaneous XD so I'm relieved.

I really hope he'll become famous in Italy... I want to see him live (T_T)

It's ok even if he becomes famous in Japan during the summer, point I'm there XD *LOL*

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