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I'm hearing it everywhere...


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I think I've heard Grace Kelly everywhere now. It was playing in the background on Cleo Rocos' BB best bits and they've just said on the radio 'bo nhw'n mynd i chwara Grace Kelly wan' (It's welsh radio- We're gonna play Grace Kelly now) Even my nan has made a comment that they play it at the same time every day, I think she thinks it's some kind of sign....

A sign that Mika-madness is huge? I think so ....

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I've just dropped my little girl off at a 7 year olds party and Mika was playing:thumb_yello: 15, 6 and 7 year olds dancing around to Grace Kelly:punk: (and nearly one 34 year old too!:blush-anim-cl: )


lv, andi xxx

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haha. I was in the Gym in PE the other day, and we had the radio on and Grace Kelly came on. Several of us shreiked "Mika!" and ran towards the radio:lol3:


I was sat on the excercise bike singing and jigging about, (I can't sing v well) and my friend next to me looked slightly terrified... heeheehee :naughty:

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Hearing the number 1 now....

They're going through the top ten and Just Jack is number 2...

So it's gotta be...


Yey! Antoher week at the top and the CD hasn't even come out yet! Getting it tomoz!

"Why don't you like me?" Does he need to ask that anymore?


Getting angry doesn't solve anything? It seems to have given him a number 1...

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I heard "Grace Kelly" today on a portuguese Radio for the first time!

A few hours before, they talked about the UK top singles and of course they mentioned Mika! :wub2:


It made my day!! :roftl:

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I had a very Mika-filled day yesterday.

1.) I recorded Entertainment Today while I was in school and watched Mika on it when I was home. He was brill! My brother kept rewinding it to hear him sing.

2.) I found another Mika review in the Times.

3.) In Guides we were trying to choose some music for our Vennicen themed night and someone said we have that 'Italian guy who sings that Grace song'. I quickly pointed out that he's called Mika and that he's Leabonese. 'Let's play it anyway'. And Pavarotti. :)

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