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can somebody tell me..


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Bloody tall! I don't know his exact height either but he was about a foot taller than me (im 5'2) when we took the photo's today he had to bend down but he said his knees hurt so I had to stand on tip toes! (I couldn't let him be in pain now could I?):wub2:

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Ah another tall person. Had my pic done with a couple of horsey celebs and I looked REALLY short cos they're really tall so if I'm ever lucky enough to get my pic with him I'll look even shorter. Ah well hehe, I'll just have to get some platforms :naughty:

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there is 2.5cm to an inch and there are 12 inches in a foot! hope that helps!


And for future note, you can convert things in a google search. E.g. type:

12 foot in inches

into the search box of google and it will give you the answer :)


That works for weight, distance, volume, calculations etc etc ;)



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