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Well Howdy!


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Hi there!


My name is Jen, and I was referred here by the lovely Manuel (Yummyme).


I've been a fan of Mika since hearing Grace Kelly on his myspace a few months back, and then Manny introduced me to a world of him.


Love came swiftly after watching him on channel 4 the other night, and now im attempting to secure a ticket to his sold out gig in Glasgow later this month!


Im 20 yrs old, and a student in Glasgow, studying psychology. Music tastes right now centres around Scissor Sisters, Soho Dolls, and Puppini Sisters. Mika brings in a bit more glam!


Fave tv shows include America's Next Top Model, and the Mighty Boosh!


And thats me in a nutshell!



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I honestly thought Manny was being paid for the amount of Mika love he was throwing out!


But no, just one huge lovable fan :D


And yes yes yes, we do need to get Milla here!


But first, I need to go on freaking ebay, and get a ticket for Mika!






Yes, some people asked me if I worked for MIKA's label. But, really I just consider myself his one-man street team here in Houston. Especially at the shops where I will go to on Friday (UK import CDs arrive on Friday) here in Houston to re-arrange the cds to have Mika's be in full view on the hot new imports aisle and side as well as get the cd to be in the listening stations. I have good contacts at the music stores, cause (and I'm tooting my own horn here) when I select a cd, and go through the trouble of requesting the re-arrangements and putting them on the listening booths, they always sell out.


So welcome honey! I know you will love it here!


:welcomeani: :welcomeani: :welcomeani: :welcomeani: :welcomeani:


Big Texas-sized hug to ya from Houston babes!




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