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Berkeley Square Big Top Photo's


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Had a fantastic time at the Launch/T-Mobile StreetGig. The Carnival atmosphere was fab, all the fun of the Big Top, toffee apples, candy floss, lollipops (watch out for those cheeky Monkeys!).


There was a bit of Samba, some magic, comedy, acrobats Oh! and of course Mika. There was a support band as well, did not catch there name but there were a sort of Latin "Arcade Fire" the singer was very good. Not sure of the set list as this is the first time I have heard the album. Mika and band were on great form lots of banter and he seemed very happy indeed.


Any way I leave a proper review to someone more professional in the mean time I have posted some photos from the night.






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Wow! Those are some great photos...! Thanks for posting them :blush-anim-cl:


It looks like it was quite intimate! Would have loved to have been there!! You lucky lucky person!


So different from the HMV gig (if you can call it that) a few hours earlier :crybaby:

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I arrived just 5 mins before he came on only to be told no more people were allowed in as it was full even though i had my name on a list.. Still i hung around for a while and as he was doing his second song a couple of people came out so they let me in :thumb_yello:

Very good indeed..

Ps.. The reason i was late is cos i went to see a band called The Servant first.. Again a terrific voice.. They're playing tonight at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen so if anyone is local and bored come wish me happy birthday :naughty:

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Thanks for the photos - they're amazing.


So incredibly jealous of those who got to go - it sounds like one of those gigs that will be remember for a long time to come!


At least I've got Brighton in February and hopefully Koko if I manage to sell my soul (and maybe body) for tickets.

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Last night according to Jemmalee, not your average review!

I was lucky enough to go to Berkeley Square last night as one of Mika's guests. I didn't even know I was going until 3.30pm yesterday and was on the train at 4.20pm! (you might think so what you had plenty of time, but I would like to inform you that I had to dress in a carnival fashion!). Unfortunately I was on my lonesome so did what I do best when I'm in a queue, talk to strange randoms about Mika!

The sight of the big top was awesome and was lit up with pink fairy lights. After receiving my exclusive pink armband (which meant free drinks all night!) I was soon whisked up the pink carpet to be greeted by Mika's Royal Sympathy Band in full costume!

Once inside there were people dressed up as lollipop girl (handing out the biggest lollipops you have ever seen!), Chew Chew, a couple of Big Girls and some giant flowers! I even managed to wrangle a lollipop off of Chew because I said he wasn't allowed it (I'm so bloody cheeky!). After a couple of drinks (you could have what you liked but I'm still ill!) and a wonder round (I could of queued up for popcorn and blue candy floss but I wanted to get to the front of the stage) I visited the loo. So what? you may ask. oh my god these were the best portaloos you could imagine (they even had tissues and hand cream!).

So I was feeling pretty much like a six year old at Christmas by this point and then the entertainment began!

There was a salsa band snaking it's way around the room with girls with very little clothing and some big men with big drums (something for everyone!) then the support band came on. I really cannot remember what they were called but they were like the Hillbilly Von Trapp family! They were exceptionally good and seemed to play every instrument ever invented from the harmonica to a trombone!

I was then interviewed by a camera crew who asked me crap questions about Mika who received equally crap answers. By this point I had had 2 vodka's and I'm on medication and may have come across as a little obsessive and she asked me if I was Mika's stalker! Cheeky cow! By this point I had also managed to blag a balloon flower which I do believe may have hindered the enjoyment of the evening of the people behind me!

I then spotted Dazzle in the crowd who had blagged his way in (don't ask but involves Dan from The Feeling).

So I'm second from the front (some girl who I met in the queue nicked my space at the front when I went to the loo and she was bloody tall, and i'm 5'2 (158cm)!) and after some amazing acrobatics and magic it was time for Mika!

Mika was dressed all in white with a black ring master style jacket and yellow braces. He also had some shiny gold shoes which he only kept on for the first song after putting his foot on his piano and saying "What the #### do think of my shoes!" He then remained in his stripy socks which I believe were wicked witch of the west inspired ( the jacket also came off and Mika was nearly stripping in front of my eyes!).

He started off with relax but I really cannot remember the order of song's (sorry) but over my shoulder was spine tingling wonderful and during big girls Mika was joined on stage by 2 big girls! This was fabulous and Mika ended up with lipstick on his cheek for the rest of the set!

He rounded things off with lollipop and was joined by the lollipop girls, some HUGE balloons and pink confetti!

After the show was over (it was only 10pm) I headed to the bar, danced like a loon and star spotted. By now you probably know that Sophie Ellis-Bextor and The Feeling were there but so was Scott Mills and various tv journos that you know the faces but not the names of!

By 11pm the party was over and we knew that Mika was not going to come out from the back stage area (even though Dazzle was trying to get back there!), we headed home. I must admit I got some very strange looks walking through Liverpool street in my bright pink coat and headband and carrying a huge balloon flower!

I really cannot put into words how magical an evening it was but Mika did well when he declared it as the 10th birthday party of his dreams! Alice in wonderland eat your heart out, I've licked the Mika lolly and I'm stuck!

Jemmalee x


pictures to follow



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My goodness it sounds like some fabulous amazing Mika dream :naughty: glad you had fun.


I belive the band is Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. They're supporting him at a few gigs. I went on to their myspace a while ago they're quite good by the looks of it.

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Hum... I probably missed something (obviously) but how come you were "Mika's guest" ? Just asking...

Anyway, looks that it wasn't half of a good gig ! Not like HMV false event... I'm so sorry I sent my sister there, alone, to get nothing... Oh well... 3 songs and average pics (she wasn't exactly front of the stage...) ! That wasn't really elegant, anwho is responsible for that mischedule !

See you

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Unfortunately I was on my lonesome so did what I do best when I'm in a queue, talk to strange randoms about Mika!


You have no idea how gutted I am that I was too ill to join you!! :crybaby: I'm still far from well but your awesome review put a grin on my snotty face. I'm sooo glad you had a good time, just wish I'd been by your side! I can't wait to see your pics :roftl:

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I posted the story from yesterday in my Blog:naughty:


Haha, just read your blog... I was stood (on my lonesome) just behind you and your group....very animated and high spirited. I very much enjoyed your sing along :wink2:


Lucky you for managing to blag your way in to the T Mobile gig.. am so jealous!! I wish had thought of popping down to try my luck! If anyone needs a buddy to try gatecrash gigs with.. I'm there! :wink2:


The best I could do was to dash to the other side exit of HMV only just in time to see Mika's van speed off into the night! (I think I saw his legs when the doors opened to let someone else in) I then stropped off home in a bad mood.. but not for long... who could stay mad at MIKA?:wub2:


Thanks to everyone for their pics of HMV... makes up for being vertically challenged!!


Countdown to KOKO.... 15 days!!!!!

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You have no idea how gutted I am that I was too ill to join you!! :crybaby: I'm still far from well but your awesome review put a grin on my snotty face. I'm sooo glad you had a good time, just wish I'd been by your side! I can't wait to see your pics :roftl:


You were dearly missed, I had a drink for you though! I hope you feel better, i'm still ill too! (so I reckon you have about another week till you feel better). I have a lolly for you!

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