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2007 - Mika Album Launch - Videos

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2007.02.05 - T-Mobile Street Gigs: Mika










Live music - T-Mobile Street Gigs and Transmission with T-Mobile


It was a cracking start to 2007 with Mika performing for us in a circus big top in the middle of London.



T-Mobile street gigs




T Mobile Street Gigs - Brands & Bands

20 gigs, 35 weeks, a kebab shop, a museum, a TV show, a happy client, and we did it for two years: 2006 & 2007.

*VIDEO http://www.missjonesandco.com/casestudies/t-mobile_street_gigs/event-video/street-gigs.html



Mika Album Launch Party

February 05, 2007 — I've just been to Mika's Album Launch Party with T-Mobile Street Gigs in Berkeley Square London - It was amazing! Check out Lollipop!!!


Mika Album Launch Party!!

February 05, 2007 — Another one from tonight's T-Mobile Street Gig - anyone know Grace Kelly - I love this song!!


Mika- "My interpretation" live from his record release Party

feb 5th 2007 @ mikas record release party. this is just a little snippet from his performance of my interpretation. my camera was running out of memory.


Mika Record Release show- Lollipop


Mika- "Stuck in the Middle" Record Release Party


Mika performs "big girls you are beautiful"




Mika Street Gig










HE may be number one but Mika still needs our help to get a date. We met up with the flamboyant singer at the launch of his hotly-tipped new album, Life In Cartoon Motion



Mika at his album launch PIC: BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM



And in his only interview, he told us: "I want 3am to run a competition to find me someone to date me.


"I may be getting famous now but no one wants to go out with me. In fact, no one has ever really wanted to go on a date with me."


He added: "I've got no date for Valentine's Day either - it's a bit depressing to be honest."


The camp performer has remained tight-lipped about whether it's ladies or gents he likes but he'll have no shortage of suitors after the T-Mobile Street Gig held in a giant marquee in London's exclusive Berkeley Square.


Kicking off with floor-filler Relax, Take It Easy, he stepped up the pace with Bobby Brown and the Scissor Sisters-esque Big Girl. But it was Grace Kelly that brought the tent down. And all this after council killjoys cancelled his soundcheck because offices complained about the noise. They should Take It Easy themselves...


LIVE! MIKA: London






Love Today


Billy Brown


Everything's Talkin'


Big Girl


My Interpretation


Over My Shoulder


Struck in the Middle


Grace Kelly











And Mika shall inherit the earth...


T-Mobile Street Gig

Big Top , Berkeley Square,

By David Smyth, Evening Standard 06.02.07



Falsetto heaven: showman Mika launched his album in a big top with circus acts and catchy tunes


He has been billed as pop's greatest new showman, so it was only fitting that 23-year-old Mika Penniman should launch his debut album in a specially-erected circus tent.


Currently number one for the fourth week with his first single, Grace Kelly, he looks certain to repeat the feat with his album, Life In Cartoon Motion, and celebrated that fact in the most colourful way possible.


The crowd of competition winners was dotted with transvestites, other pop stars including Sophie Ellis-Bextor and The Feeling, a bearded lady and several people in monkey costumes.


Candy floss, toffee apples, popcorn and balloon hats were all freely distributed. Support acts included various acrobats, carnival dancers in towering head-dresses and three schoolchildren playing Fifties rockabilly.


So when he finally arrived Mika had to work hard to attract the crowd's notice amid all that colour, but attention-seeking seems to be a particular skill.


Skittering showtune Grace Kelly pleaded "Why don't you like me?" over and over. The galloping disco of Love Today saw him insisting "You've got to love, love me" while bouncing up and down like an overjoyed puppy.


Grinning broadly beneath rich black curls, the former member of the Royal Opera chorus sang mostly in a falsetto - not the heartbroken kind employed by Chris Martin or James Blunt, more of a Saturday night squeal.


Classy house tune Relax, Take It Easy opened proceedings at a relatively sedate pace, but later Big Girl (You are Beautiful) fired the mood towards hen-do hysteria.


Two women spilling out of blue corsets flanked the singer and waved their cowboy hats to a rubbery bassline that propelled another certain smash hit.


Mika seemed unprecious about his abilities as a songwriter, always preferring catchiness over any more lasting qualities.


This was music with less depth than an ashtray, the sugary chant of Lollipop in particular proving to be so throwaway, it was possible to move from adoring it to finding it deeply irritating in a matter of minutes.


The odd slow moment dampened the celebratory mood but provided much needed changes of pace. Sparse piano ballad Ring Ring was nearly bleak enough to deflate all the balloons floating around.


A soothing cover of Everybody's Talkin' by Mika's hero Harry Nilsson, another pop eccentric, indicated his likely future.


He will not always be the chart ringmaster he is today, but there were enough intriguing diversions here to prove that he is no clown.





Mika Street Gig

No.1 star hooks up with T-Mobile on February 5




Hot on the heels of his first No.1 single with Grace Kelly, man of the moment Mika has announced a special one-off gig in London.


The first of 2007s T-Mobile Street Gigs, the fabulous, circus-themed event will take over the capitals Berkley Square on February 5. The 23-year-old singer will perform tracks from his debut album, Life In Cartoon Motion with a big top backdrop with a host of circus performers.


The event is only open to invited T-Mobile customers, and to be in with a chance of getting on the guestlist, fans must register online between January 24-31 at http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/streetgigs.






Mika and T-Mobile to Turn London Square Into Circus-Themed Extravaganza


For their first gig of 2007, T-Mobile Street Gigs is presenting a special one-off gig with Mika—one of 2007’s most hotly tipped new artists. The event, which takes place in London's Berkeley Square on February 5, promises to position Mika as a circus ringleader as he performs tracks off his debut album Life in Cartoon Motion.


"Wow, a big top on Berkeley Square to launch my album with T-Mobile Street Gigs," said Mike. "It's going to be quite a night."


Tickets are strictly by invite only. To be in with a chance of getting on the guestlist, music fans must register online between January 24-31 at http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/streetgigs.




Read more: http://www.metrolyrics.com/2007-mika-and-t-mobile-to-turn-london-square-into-circus-themed-extravaganza-mika-news.html#ixzz0qNzyvbaE







Mika Debut Album Is Circus Act


MIKA is launching his debut album with a flamboyant circus-style gig next week.

The one-off show, in London’s Berkeley Square, is part of T-Mobile’s Street Gigs.


For the February 5 concert, the camp singer will play ringmaster for circus antics. I have VIP tickets to meet Mika for two readers and gig passes for a runner-up.




Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/30390/Mika-debut-album-is-circus-act.html#ixzz0qOA37P8P

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February 05, 2007 — Mika at HMV, Oxford Street for the release of Life In Cartoon Motion




February 06

Mika Live at HMV Oxford Street, London

I went to see Mika perform live yesterday at HMV Oxford Street, London at 6pm. He sang 3 of his tracks from his new album "Life In Cartoon Motion" including the number hit "Grace Kelly". He was fanatasic and also over whelmed that also managed to reach the top of the charts too... awww bless him!


It was a shame that the signing of his new album was cancelled afterwards as he had to rush off somewhere else so i didn't managed to get mine signed that i brought. But he did apologized to the audiance and said he will be doing a another signing soon. I just hope that he returns back to HMV again so i can get my album signed. I've listened to his album and it is just fanatasic!


But it was still great and i caught the performance on my camera video. I will try to upload it online soon.


Mika performing live at HMV Oxford Street, London



Mika to play free London gig on 5th Feb




Mika - Image: http://www.myspace.com/mikamyspace


Image: link


Mika, whose current single Grace Kelly is sitting at the top of the UK singles chart, is to play a free gig in London's HMV Oxford street on Monday 5th February to celebrate the release of his debut album.

Life in Cartoon Motion is out on the 5th February, and it will be possible to get a signed copy after the performance - which takes place at 6PM.


Daniel O'Connell





Mika - Grace Kelly - Live at HMV



Mika - Love Today - Live at HMV


Mika - My Interpretation - Live at HMV



Mika - Grace Kelly - Live @ HMV Oxford Street - 5/02/07

Mika - Free acoustic gig & album signings.-I guess it's because tonight is also the T Mobile Street Gig. ...

HMV on Oxford Street

Monday Feb 5th at 6pm.

HMV - 150 Oxford Street, W1



mika @ HMV "Grace Kellly"

mika performs at hmv in oxford circus for the release of his cd. he played three songs, grace kelly was the last. feb 5th 2007.


Mika @ HMV- "Love today"








18a67b48db7cee5db7a5dbfe4a46baa0.jpg 2de6b3802450070fac30b7f45bdd6663.jpg

ce5d3ccb84de645adef907b1f48d3c72.jpg 3bc97282cb6f19055a3a7a98d82229e2.jpg 7cdd337179e602d382a1fc9848960231.jpg

76d2aa834f9153d35f5207b5d03f7f26.jpg 481fde53e1a00650b5478cb85da63076.jpg 39c791f37c6f6b9034e97b44f358ffd8.jpg

979333c99b0c949b11b95717b13ed2f4.jpg ca22da83e645167338fc1f37823800e5.jpg f6e98f01935f9d7e7c7258b76c67954e.jpg


Download this gallery as a zip-archive

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2007.01.29 - Mika Live at Fopp Tottenham Court Road for Grace Kelly Release






Mika @ Fopp jan 29th 2007

mika promoting his first record, plays at fopp in london.


Mika @ Fopp- "Love Today"

mika plays "love today" live for a free performance at fopp in london.


Mika @ Fopp- "My Interpretation"

Jan 29th, 2007 Mika played @ Fopp. this is "My Interpretation".



Mika - Billy Brown - Live at Fopp

Mika plays Billy Brown at Fopp, Tottenham Court Road for the release of Grace Kelly



Mika at Fopp 1


Mika at Fopp 2


Mika at Fopp 3


Mika at Fopp 4







487c1ab75279fbe1e10ed3be79615ccc.jpg c3617a3ee6122977981d7bf27768f78c.jpg 73697aaca4f1b896327b578d3ea3fb99.jpg

99f566844a206486b42057ec73c11f2d.jpg 61597a5ff2bec4165ec8a77dea7284ff.jpg a91271c924e8cb63df92ea3006da3957.jpg

Download this gallery as a zip-archive


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Thanks a lot for finding and posting, Lara !!!!! :huglove:


You are the STAR !!!!!!!!!








AP Entertainment


London, UK, 5 February


1. Ext WS venue


2. CU sign Berkley Square Gardens


3. WS Int


4. VS jugglers rehearse


5. MS Mika giving interview


6. WS Mika giving interview


7 SOUNDBITE Mika (English):


"The neighbours have already been complaining during our sound-check, I think all the fancy shops and the offices are getting upset because we are making so much noise. This is after all the land of Gucci and Stella McCartney, and we are running around in monkey costumes making lots of noise throwing lollypops around. I was saying earlier that it is like the 10 year old birthday party that I have never had."


Casablanca Records


8. Clip video 'Grace Kelly' Mika


AP Entertainment


London, UK, 5 February


9. SOUNDBITE Mika (English) :


"I was born in Beirut in (19)83 and then moved over to France and lived there for 8 years, but I have lived here most of my life, I have been here around... I am bad at maths, around 16 years and London is where I call home. I have made a record that I had a lot of fun making, with a lot of freedom, and... Yes, I have fun for a living."


Casablanca Records


10. Clip video 'Grace Kelly' Mika


AP Entertainment


London, UK, 5 February


11. SOUNDBITE Mika: (English) on the type of singer songwriter he wanted to be:


"I kind of look to the singer songwriter solo artists from the 60s and the 70s right through to the early 80s, people who made these unique artist driven records that still sounded big and still sounded like they could have been made by any band, you can name check Prince, Bowie, early Elton John, some of the Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones records, all that stuff, that big sounding pop music that transcends genres, I call it pop but really it incorporates so many different elements and so many different styles of music. There is nothing wrong with that, it is all a means to telling a story."


12. Pan jugglers


13. SOUNDBITE Mika (English):


"I never really wanted to be a pop star, I still don't, that is why I fear tabloid culture so much, I feel much more comfortable with some sort of psychotic ring leader."


14. Ext night shot, pan WS people arriving at venue


15. VS People on stilts dressed as flowers


16 Jugglers


17. Monkey chasing girl with lollipop


18 VOX POP (English):


"It is very circus like, there is a rather large man trying to be a plant over there. It's like being a small child all over again, with popcorn and candy floss."


"And lollypops."


"And wine."


19. Performance Mika 'Bobby'


20. VOX POP (English):


"He is the best thing that has come along in pop for years and I absolutely love him."


(Reporter: "He is the best thing that has come along in pop?")


"Well I haven't bought an album from an artist for about 10 years, and this has made me excited about pop again."


21. VOX POP (English):


"It's going to lead them into the Spring and the Summer. It is really summery music and it just makes you feel good about life and feel positive. It is really positive and fun music."


22. VOX POP (English):


"He is different to what is about today, but there was a slot in the market that was waiting for something different like him. The music was very repetitive, it was either heavy or boom boom boom, but he came in at the right time and it is very refreshing, it is happy, it's exciting."


23. Performance Mika 'Bobby'




Hot on the heels of his first number one single with 'Grace Kelly', man of the moment Mika performed at a special one-off gig in London on Monday (February 5) celebrating the launch of his first album, 'Life in Cartoon Motion', released on the same day.


Monday marked the first of 2007's T-Mobile Street Gigs, taking the form of a circus-themed event which took over the capital's Berkley Square. The square was taken over by a Big Top, as a circus of music, and a host of circus performers, invaded the space.


Mika said that the gig hadn't been met with much enthusiasm from locals:


"The neighbours have already been complaining during our sound-check, I think all the fancy shops and the offices are getting upset because we are making so much noise." He added. "This is after all the land of Gucci and Stella McCartney, and we are running around in monkey costumes making lots of noise throwing lollypops around. I was saying earlier that it is like the 10 year old birthday party that I have never had."


The 23-year-old singer performed tracks from his debut album, 'Life In Cartoon Motion' at the gig.


Mica Penniman, known by his stage name Mika, has already proven himself to be one of the hottest artists of 2007, with his debut single 'Grace Kelly'.


The artist was was born in Beirut, Lebanon to a Lebanese mother and an American father. When he was very young, his family were forced to leave war-torn Lebanon and settled in Paris. When he was nine years old they moved to London.


Mika explained that for him, London is home:


"I was born in Beirut in (19)83 and then moved over to France and lived there for 8 years, but I have lived here most of my life, I have been here around... I am bad at maths, around 16 years and London is where I call home."


The singer's public performances and jobs have varied from classical performances in the Royal Opera House, writing in-flight music for British Airways and creating an Orbit Chewing Gum advertisement theme tune.


He released his single 'Grace Kelly' by digital download on 8 January 2007, and it reached number one in the UK Singles Chart on 21 January.


Mika's debut album 'Life in Cartoon Motion' has brought comparisons with artists such as Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Scissor Sisters, Rufus Wainwright, and Elton John.


Some of the T-Mobile gigs last year included The Strokes rocking out amongst the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, The Rakes in a kebab shop and Jamie T in a public toilet.

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Thanks a lot for finding and posting, Lara !!!!! :huglove:


You are the STAR !!!!!!!!!








aww, thanks for that! :fangurl: he's just so... him! such an early interview, and it's just as if it could be any current interview! :wub2: only for the show he appears a bit nervous, he has a lot more energy in his shows nowadays. :thumb_yello: but i loved the "welcome to the 10th birthday party of my dreams!", haha! :roftl:

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