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Chubby Chasing DJ Drops Fat Beats (Fashion News)

Cautionary Wife

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Hmmm... Mika appears to have become anti-size 0 icon, and himself little more than a slip of a boy...







By Sarah Horne



At the Max Azria show Monday night, hot Parisian DJ Michel Gaubert raised a middle finger to the fashion industry's feeble attempts to encourage "healthy weights" by blaring a tune from British artist Mika.


Strains of "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" filled the tent as a troupe of ultra-skinny Flavias and Magdalenas did their thing, prompting laughter from the front row, where un-big It-girls Leigh Lezark, Tinsley Mortimer, and Olivia Palermo looked on.


Sample lyrics: "Big girl, you are beautiful / Walks into the room / Feels like a big balloon / Diet coke and a pizza please."


The song goes on to praise gals with "curves in all the right places."


After the CFDA essentially rejected an initiative to regulate models' weights, opting instead to ban smoking and provide "healthy snacks" backstage, perhaps it's the DJs who'll have to force-feed Snejana.



THE SKINNY A model at Max Azria

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HA HA! Fabulous! I love the lyric about diet coke and a pizza please- it makes me smile. How many of us have been guilty of that self deluding thing wherby you negate the hugely fatty content of one food stuff because you happen to be drinking diet coke and that makes it ok?! Drinking diet coke does not make you thin! Ask my cousins- its all they drink and they are BIIIIIIG!!!

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Kudos to Michel for that. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against healthy looking size 8-10, but this size 0 trend where you can actually see their skeleton can't be good surely.

As for the line "Diet Coke and a pizza please" it makes me laugh, cause when I go to the local takeaway I always order Diet Coke, not because I think it will help me stay slim, but because I like the taste.:naughty:

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Wow, 40 years ago (God, does that sound like an eternity ago) when my mother was a very young girl...the 'Twiggy' craze started and girls started literally dying to be thin. Thanks to the likes of 'normal' actors and musicians with a voice that can be heard (like Mika) ~ normal girls can actually feel....normal. Awesome.

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