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Been hanging around for a couple of weeks, so ...


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... I thought I should be polite and come in here and introduce myself.


I’m a thirtysomething living in Northampton, but originally from Birmingham.


I first became aware of Mika in November. I had tickets to see The Feeling in Loughborough and was searching around to try to find out who the support act could be. Most dates were Captain (who I was hoping to see), but some dates were this chap called Mika, who sounded a bit weird to me! Loughborough was the last night of the tour, and so as the gigs came and went reviews were posted on the website, and people who got to see Mika were all singing his praises. Some lucky sods got to see Captain and Mika ... and those that did, said Mika was the better act.


In the end I didn’t get to see Mika or Captain:( . But I did visit Mikasounds to hear what this guy I had heard about was like. Wow!!!!!!!


I then read about this site, through a posting on the Mikasounds site (this forum is much better:thumb_yello: ).


So here I am ...

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