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Hey Everybody !!! Bonjour tout le monde !!!


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Hey there everybody, greetings from Montréal, Canada !!! My name is Véronique and I'm 25 years old. My first language is french, so bear with me if I do any mistakes in english !!! I first heard Mika's song, Grace Kelly, a couple of weeks ago on the radio. Well it was my alarm radio and I had just woke up and was tired and grumpy... but then I heard this song and a big smile came across my face !!! I immediatly fell in love with it... At first, I was confused... I thought it was Freddie Mercury singing but I had never heard this song before and I am a huge Queen fan... But when I finally found out who sang this song, I got curious about him and did a little research on the internet... I went on YouTube and watched a couple of videos and I was hooked !!! Oh and by the way, I heard about this site on YouTube... So I finally bought his album a few days ago, on february 27th, on the day it came out here in Canada. I already listened to it a gazillion times, I just can't get enough of it ! Now I'm going to his show in Montréal at the Club Soda on march 19th and I just can't wait !!!!


Sooooo that's about it !!!

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