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New Mika french interview, and another video interview in english


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On Mika's french site : Mikalife.fr

There is a new interview of Mika in french, in the Video section. Actually it's not a video, only an audiotrack with pictures of him.

Basically he only traduces what we all know about him, his history (beirut-paris-london,...).

One new thing, he says that it would be an honour for him, a bit like a mission, to be successful in France, since it is the country of his childhood. So obviously this interview is old, because he is already very successful in France!

He also says that he loves Paris.

There is also a great video interview in english under the name "L'interview exclusive en VO".

Have a good night in cartoon motion


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He is so adorable when he is interviewed on video, and when he was explaining how he wrote Grace Kelly, he shows how much he loves his craft, he really was into what he was saying, makes you like the music even more.

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He is just so yummy...I love his dimple when he smiles...oh, and another thing I think it sexy is in the Grace kelly vidoe when he is dancing and his shirt comes up a little and u can see a bit of his tummy...totally delicious!!!:mf_lustslow:

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