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  1. Oh man, The Darkness song would be perfect! With the higher notes and all..dang.
  2. I though it was My-kah at first, but then I watched an interview and thought, "wait....what??!?!?" because I've never heard it pronounced Mee-kah before.
  3. Hahahahah. That was hilarious. He's so silly. I love it.
  4. Oh, that's a cool idea! I was Lollipop "Lollipop" 90% "Any Other World" 75% "Grace Kelly" 75% "Relax (Take It Easy)" 75% "Love Today" 70% "Stuck In The Middle" 70% "My Interpretation" 35% "Billy Brown" 30%
  5. I used to play clarinet and piano and a small bit of violin and saxaphone. I'm yearning to pick up the piano again! My younger brother is learning the trumpet, so I also want to learn along with him (so then I can attempt the trumpet bits in Billy Brown).
  6. Yes, it's the most recent one with Amy Winehouse on the cover
  7. I was on my weekly visit to the grocers and in the midst of browsing magazines, I saw this. I took a snap with my camera, which I just so happened to have with me.
  8. Oh wow, that was hilariousssss. Can't believe I haven't read it before
  9. Yeayyuhhhhh. Man, that's going to be a perfect show
  10. Neatttt. They need something like that where I live now!
  11. I'm going to that John Mayer concert also! Where are you sitting? I have center seating, I believe. Wooo. How are you getting backstage passes? I'm curious
  12. *lifts jaw from the ground* oh my dear goodness. those are delectable
  13. Ohmygosh. I adore his red-lined jacketttttttt.
  14. Wow. One of the better articles I've read about him in a while
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