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Question About Mika In Amsterdam


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(Lollipop got the links to upload yesterday and are in the NEWS section if want to watch them)

The question is: MIKA says his guitarist has has his passport confiscated so he has to play on his own. Anybody know who it was(prob Martin?) and why this happened?

The footage is really good as MIKA has to make the most of just being by himself and puts lots of extra high notes in to compensate for the guitar.



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:punk::wink2: I think Mika was sooooo sweet and natural(as always) on this quick visit to the Netherlands, he is just such a natural at presenting his songs,,,,,,

I love the way he always has short snippits to tell.....

Mika is just unique and brilliant!!!!!!!!:wink2:

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The videos with Mika and also Herman :D in the Jensen show are online now: http://www.rtl.nl/shows/jensen/video/


To come to your question about the passport: in the interview Mika tells something about his band members, passports and visa. Watch and listen. ;)


Now now with your watch and listen!!- Cheeky Monkey!!

The video clip was actually not for Jensen that I was talking about!! It was a clip of Mika performing alone on youtube. I saw the Jensen clip yesterday so thank you yes I am now fully aware of the passport situation xx

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