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Hi :)


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Hi everyone,

I'm Sasha and I first heard Mika on the radio (no introduction to the song) while I was lying in hospital with no internet access to check out what song it was or who the performer was. Drove me nuts.:thumbdown:


Anyway, back home first thing on my list was to find the song and the singer; found him on myspace and that was it. :mfr_omg:


Love his music every since - the best music to wake up to in the morning and be all high spirited for work or to dance to while cooking in the evening (nevermind the fact that I don't have any curtains in my kitchen and live on the ground floor :blush-anim-cl: - it sure must be a great sight for all the neighbours passing the windows :naughty: ).


Anyway, hope that's enough intro for now.:punk:

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