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Nice to meet you!


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I discovered this forum when I was looking for Mika interviews in YouTube. I had heard Grace Kelly in a Finnish radio station and VH-1 music channel. I downloaded the songs to my mp3-player, because I was going to fly to US (it took 24 hours and 4 flights from Finland to CA). I listened the songs again and again on the plane and at the airports until the battery went off. I wasn't tired or bored because I had Mika's music with me. I must have looked like an idiot smiling in the endless security check lines.


I found the Life in Cartoon Motion CD at the Virgin Megastore of San Francisco. I know this is not going to be one-hit-wonder to me. :original:

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Welcome Annaindie!!! So are you finnish too!!?

That's so awesome! Mika is totally amazing! Have fun here!!! :welcomeani:

Oh, and if you are finnish, visit the finnish thread too...:thumb_yello:

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