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Arghhh!! You beat me to it!! hehe


The description of the vid has got me suuuper intrigued! I realllly want to watch it! Diamonds, poles, squares, an old woman popping out of a cake?? What's not to be curious about?! :D

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I found this on wikipedia :





funny, I spotted it about a minute before you and wanted to post it, good, you did it fot me!


The video, I can't wait...sounds good, just roll on Saturday!!!!!!!


It is a long time then until it is released for downloading.....hope everyone stays focused and can wait, ...hope it then gets the airtime .....and attention.... it deserves...:punk:

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Unfortunately I live in Brasil and our MTV sucks a lot!

Youtube will save me!


YouTube will save us ALLLL!!!!!


Actually, Steph said she would upload it for all of us! No pressure on you Steph :fisch: lol

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So if the same little girl appears in the new video (as from Grace Kelly) Does that mean Sophie Mueller directed the Love Today as well - since the girl was a relation of Muellers?




Yes i just saw on wikipedia she did direct it.

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